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  1. John Rockwood

    Vaportek stand alone cartridge filters

    Anyone using them for odor elimination and treatment? How effective is the S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solutions) on tobacco smoke? Is the 3X industrial cartridge any good on Musky smells, pet dander and urine? The folks at Vaportek tell me that their cartridges take care of all these issues and more...
  2. John Rockwood

    EDDM, When is it enough?

    I have been reading about the use of eddm on a consistent basis. I'm wondering does anyone using it have a plan when you won't need it anymore? Do you figure that it will never end?
  3. John Rockwood

    Bentley Wands

    Thinking of purchasing the 12" non-swivel head. Anyone have any input, like how bad do the jets drip after releasing the trigger? Any over spray at sides? Glide vs no glide? Are you happy with it? Have you noticed any improvement in how dry it leaves the carpet vs your replaced wand? Thanks.
  4. John Rockwood

    Owner Operators Need Our Own Forum.

    Being an o/o for over 30 years, yes by my own design. It would be great to have our own forum to discuss what really matters to us. What's your opinion? Maybe Rob will create one. On of the reasons I have mentioned this is because what a multi truck operation does to generate sales is not even...
  5. John Rockwood

    Pet Odors, when to replace?

    I'm curious, any info on when it's time to replace vs treatment. Let's say you are looking at a room strong urine smell, UV light shows about 6 or so spots, no delimitation, let's say small dog, what factors do you consider when determining that all your treatments will not work. In a perfect...
  6. John Rockwood

    Rinse, Rinse and Acid Rinse.

    I've been here on TMF for a few months now and I keep reading the same comments about rinsing and more type of acid rinses. In all the years I've been in this industry I have never used a rinse. On wool no problems, before Carpet Protection application, no problems, after any type of cleaning...
  7. John Rockwood

    Steam Action Stealth vs Vortex

    Iv'e always wondered about the claims that Vortex says," the worlds most powerful cleaning machine" in all their advertising. I can't help but think of the first time I saw a Steam Action Stealth in action with its #9 blower. My thought was WOW. Has anyone ever had the opportunity to experience...
  8. John Rockwood

    After re-clean, refund, what now?

    You guarantee your work. All your efforts did not please the client. You gave her a refund or just didn't charge her. Would you go back later to clean again for her? Is this a one time guarantee? Does she need to find someone else? Regular client or first timer does it matter?
  9. John Rockwood

    Years ago, a different kind of Carpet Cleaning era!

    Thought it would be nice to educate the newer ones on how us old timers used to do it. I began 30 years ago, thought this would be a good place to start. With all your technology this might give you pause. Trying to cover all the bases. The new guys will say WHAT, and the old timers will say...