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  1. Prestige1

    cleanco 45 removal help

    I'm going to remove a cleanco 45 from my van. the shaft is a pain any suggestions? GMC 3500 2003 van
  2. Prestige1

    Cleanco truckmount removal

    I'm removing my cleanco 45 from my van, unit is still in great shape but the van is old. removal of the unit is pretty basic but the shaft is a pain. Any tips? Thanks in advance
  3. Prestige1

    swirls in high gloss black porcelain

    I used Stone Pro Dot pads grit 1800 and up, It left no swirls and removed 95% of the scratches. Tested on a spare tile first. I told customer this is not a normal process that we have done before. She was okay with me trying it because I couldn't ruin the tiles anymore. They were already going...
  4. Prestige1

    swirls in high gloss black porcelain

    From speaking with people who have seen the tiles. I don't believe its chemical residue. If it is I can clean easily. More than likely abrasive damage.
  5. Prestige1

    swirls in high gloss black porcelain

    I have a customer that has swirl marks in her high gloss porcelain tiles (black). I am going to see it tomorrow. Any suggestions if this can be removed. I am guessing it is from either grouting or debris was under the cardboard floor covering the contractor had down.
  6. Prestige1

    Surrey BC Help

    I have a very very good customer in the Toronto area that has property through out Canada. Usually I travel to accommodate them but at the moment I cannot get away. I am looking for someone in Surrey to take care of a job for me. Would be very basic cleaning. Can anybody recommend someone. Must...
  7. Prestige1

    2004 Clean Co 45

    Also forgot to ask. We are pulling out an old Clean co classic (1998) and junking the van are the shaft or clutch compatible with the clean co 45 (2004)
  8. Prestige1

    2004 Clean Co 45

    I recently purchased a used 2004 clean Co 45. It runs amazing the one issue I am having is when it is in High Idle it is very loud, Before I tear this apart is there a muffler or something in the unit?
  9. Prestige1

    porcelain tile help

    I have a very very good customer that has aprox 100 000 sq ft of new porcelain installed over 3 locations. The issue they are having is the tile surface just will not stay clean. We can clean it easily but as soon as someone walks on it the footprints are left. This a very busy retail location...
  10. Prestige1

    Rob I'm interested in one of the 45 blowers you have as well as a case of Tile Master. Whats...

    Rob I'm interested in one of the 45 blowers you have as well as a case of Tile Master. Whats cost for the 45? Can we arrange shipping together to Canada
  11. Prestige1

    Should I replace 13hp engine running roots 45?

    I'd be interested in a couple blowers. 45 s Anyway you can ship to Canada Toronto area?
  12. Prestige1

    45 blower with a 22 hp engine

    Did you ever complete this upgrade to a 45? If so what HP did you go with?
  13. Prestige1

    Should I replace 13hp engine running roots 45?

    Did you ever figure this out? I also have a 45 blower and trying to figure out what HP to drive it with
  14. Prestige1

    Scratched Mexican tile

    I have a customer that has some Mexican tile. There is a couple very minor scratches and 1 deep scratch. How do I fix this? The scratches are not in the finish they are in the tile 100%. Up here in Canada we don't get much of this tile so I don't work with it often.
  15. Prestige1

    GPM vs PSI

    What is the optimum set up of GPM and psi. I only clean hard surfaces.
  16. Prestige1

    Cork floor help

    I have a very good customer that has a cork floor in her business. How do I clean and seal this? Aprox 1000 sq. I did test with a soft brush and a mild alkaline and it did come up nice. But would take for ever for 1000 sq any help
  17. Prestige1

    Onyx Counter top polishing

    I have a very good repeat customer who has asked me to polish her Onyx vanity top I have done marble but never Onyx any tips?
  18. Prestige1

    cleaning epoxy coating concrete

    Need some advice. I am going tomorrow to look at some 3500 sq of coated concrete. The customer seems to think all it needs is a clean, they don't know exactly what it is coated with but only about 3 yrs old and they say no flaking or anything. Part of me want to run from this but thought I'd ask...
  19. Prestige1

    Truckmount vibration help

    Turns out it was the harmonic balancer on the truck engine. minor repair all good now.
  20. Prestige1

    Truckmount vibration help

    Belts are in good shape. I believe the only way to tighten belts is the idler pulley has its own tension. Thats what i believe is worn . Unless belts stretched
  21. Prestige1

    Truckmount vibration help

    I have an old Cleanco Classic PTO today I started getting a vibration when having the equipment at idle, ( power on belts running slow speed no vacuum or pump on) When I turn on vacuum vibration goes away. Belts are tight, pulley is tight. I am thinking pulley is toast. I have a video of the...
  22. Prestige1

    terrazzo help

    Thats what i figured. I have a new customer that has some teraazzo that has apparently been destroyed by another company. They believe it was ground improperly. I am going to see it tomorrow. How would you normally grind either type of terazzo
  23. Prestige1

    terrazzo help

    What is easiest way to determine if terazzo is cementous or epoxy
  24. Prestige1

    maintenance packages residential

    I am thinking of trying to launch a maintenance program for residential floors / showers any ideas / help would be great, frequency , costs, things to be aware of,