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    General TM Question

    Hi Guys - I'm completely new to this and am in the very early stages of research so apologies in advance if it sounds stupid. Here is my question. Do my rotary tools get attached directly to the TM as well or is that a stand alone unit? Same games for tile and grout cleaners... would I need a...
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    Truck Mount Basics

    Forgive me if there is a thread on this already but can someone please point me to the thread that has a 101 on truck mount fundamentals such as basic components, how it operates, etc... I have looked and wasn't able to find it. Thanks William
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    After Warranty Repair

    Hi - Does hydramaster offer after warrant repair either directly or via a third party? I live in columbus ohio and can't find any.
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    Truck Mount Machine Repairs (AFTER warranty)

    Hi Everyone - Just wondering how everyone repairs their machines AFTER the warranty period is over. I live in Columbus, Ohio and can't find any information on machine repairs.... or who in the area would do repairs. I tried to Google it as well with no luck. I'm interested in Prochem and...