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  1. Boomer

    Business insurance

    Does anyone recommend a company for getting insurance? I just got the LLC and would like to start cleaning within a month.
  2. Boomer

    About to install my SS 570 in a 2011 E350 and have a couple questions

    Hi guys, finally found a suitable van. Considered a trailer briefly but found a deal. What is the reason most mounts are on the side as opposed to the back? Is it preference or does it just make more sense logistically? Im also debating whether or not to get a 55 gallon freshwater tank as well...
  3. Boomer

    What wands with a pistol grip(?) would y'all recommend?

    I used the SS wand and loved it. I have a 2 jet where you grip it on the main trunk and it doesn't feel right. Anything out there close to the SS wand, it had a handle for your front hand also.
  4. Boomer

    Has anybody ever tried mounting a unit in a truck with a camper shell? Just bought a SS570

    Vans are overpriced right now, I never see units mounted in truck beds, what is the reason for that? Just bought a SS570 with 1200 hrs on it with all the equipment. I'm hearing that production was stopped or dealerships aren't coming off their inventory, having trouble finding a reasonable van.
  5. Boomer

    How do I test a used truck mount that isn't installed?

    I found a SS570 that is close to me, and I want to make sure it's running before I make an offer. I'm new to all this, is there a way to run the engine if it isn't installed?
  6. Boomer

    Running in circles on my first van purchase. Help!

    Hi y'all. I've been looking for a couple months now and I'm a little more comfortable with the buying process but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Unfortunately all the vans rigged out I've found have been long distance, I haven't even seen a posting anywhere in Alabama. I found a transit with...
  7. Boomer

    Has anyone used a unit from TCS?

    I'm looking at some of their packages, has anybody used one?
  8. Boomer

    I am going out on my own. Need advice on a cleaning unit.

    Hi y'all. I am looking at units to purchase and have a few questions. I've looked at the Legend GT, and the Diamond GTS which everybody says is comparable. I'm concerned I suppose mostly with how much suction they provide. What size blower would y'all recommend for a 200-250 foot run? Some...
  9. Boomer

    Looking to purchase my first van.

    I'm going into business for myself and am looking for a reliable used unit and van. I'm more concerned with the unit than the van. I'm new to this, have a couple years experience cleaning and have been lurking the community for a few months, and y'all are very helpful. I am trying to keep...