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    Costumer tried first!

    So I took what would have been an easy job. The costumer spent 16 hours stripping about 16sqft of slate. Now I come and strip an clean the slate and it doesn’t match what they did. What do you do?
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    Polishing marble

    What are you guys using for equipment to polish walls and floors? Tennessee marble to be specific.
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    I haven’t used my Nautilus since I bought my truck mount a couple years ago. I was just offered what I think is a good price for it. Would you sell your backup? I was thinking of spending the money on a CRB and dinner with the wife or something.
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    Dollar General

    Does anyone have experience working with them? I’m about to go price 8 stores and would like to know if they pay a fair price or do they beat you up? Do you include the shelving in the square footage pricing? Thanks in advance
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    Home Advisor?

    So I just got sold on the service. I was told I have 3 days to cancel. Does it work for you? What is your ROI?
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    so after selling my last business doing 95% residential jobs I decided to focus on commercial with my new business. With the residential background, deposits were not a thing, however now most jobs I do are much higher dollar. I am currently on a $6,000 job and my wife just found out that I...
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    NV2500 or Transit 250 LWB?

    I’m buying a new van and I have 2 dealers competing. I like the drive of the Nissan better but ford beat the price with their last 2017 on the lot. I’m not sure how important comfort is for a work vehicle. I’ve always used a trailer. What is your experience with each of these? Option 1: 2017...
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    Office or not

    I’ve been on the fence for years. Should I get an office or keep working from home? I have a wife, 3 children and one on the way that all like my time when I’m home. Who has made the leap and why? Did your production improve?(stacks of papers get smaller? Networking improve? Make more money...
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    What’s the best way to get carpet glue off VCT?

    A building decided to pull up all of the carpet and now wants to save the tile under it. I’m interested in hearing all of the different ways you guys have tackled this problem. There’s just over 40,000.