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  1. Chuck Shew

    What would you charge for patio cushions?

    Tomorrow I am going to quote some patio cushions have not seem them yet, they just want them cleaned for winter storage. Chuck
  2. Chuck Shew

    What should I order from my Cimex?

    I am getting ready to order some pads/brushes for my Cimex. When I bought it, my goal was 100% commercial carpet but I would like to try it on the rugs. What should I always have in stock for my Cimex and what do I never need to order? Chuck
  3. Chuck Shew

    Help me pick out a New Wand

    I am in the market for a new wand. I have a 6 jet evolution that when purchased was set at 12 gpm, I have it reduced to 6 gpm for for my Inferno but Ben told me I should be using a 3 gpm. While I do enjoy the evolution I really want to get something made for my TM. I am ok with a two jet, I...
  4. Chuck Shew

    Hotel Bidding Help Needed

    I just took a call from a 125 room two story hotel, I am going down later today to talk about a price. It is a old, budget priced, hotel that does not get the best of online reviews. I can bid using a Cimex or my HWE. What prices do you guys charge? Chuck
  5. Chuck Shew

    What the best way to learn rug cleaning, from home?

    I need to learn a whole lot more about cleaning rugs! I will not be able to attend a class in some far off city. I have looked for videos online and watched a few but is there a great website or DVD program. I have looked over The Rug Chick's website and see she offers a online course. What has...
  6. Chuck Shew

    Amtex Issues

    Sorry Guys, I sort of hate to post about things I could call Ben about but I have called Ben so often he is getting short with me. Bottom line I bought a used Amtex based on all the positive things that were said about Ben and Amtex, maybe mine is a lemon, but something goes wrong with it every...
  7. Chuck Shew

    Why does my temperature gauge keep breaking?

    When I bought my Inferno the temp gauge was broke. Once I got one from Ben and installed it, it also broke with less then 10 hours on it. Are this just cheap china crap or do my machine have yet another bigger problem? I know these gauges have a name, what is it and can I get one a Grainger? Chuck
  8. Chuck Shew

    How much would you pay for this...

    I have a friend that would love to get involved with my business. While he would like to be financially involved I am only interested in his marketing help. If he goes out and sales a job how much commission would you pay. To start off, I supply materials and everything else is on him, time...
  9. Chuck Shew

    Mattress Cleaning Questions

    What do you guys charge to clean a mattress? What solutions do you use to clean? Is the process just like upholstery cleaning? Thanks, Chuck
  10. Chuck Shew

    A couple of Inferno Questions.......

    My Inferno is not set up the way Ben built it, but this is how it is now. First off when my bypass valve opens after reaching the desired heat it diverts all the hot water into the fresh tank and I loose all pressure at the wand. This last anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds, then apparently once the...
  11. Chuck Shew

    How do you price cleaning steps?

    Do you charge per step? $50 up to 10 steps? $50 regardless of how many steps? etc, etc, etc Chuck
  12. Chuck Shew

    I need some major help with my Amtex...

    It appears my heat exchangers have ruptured! I had earlier post about having heating issues with my Inferno, Ben said it was just too cold outside. Yesterday it finally happened, water started pouring out of my exhaust pipe. I am waiting on a return call from Ben but meanwhile I am wasting my...
  13. Chuck Shew

    Looking for Referral Card ideals

    I would like to pass out referral cards to current and potential customers. I'm thinking either a business card or a folded business card. What has worked for your guys, % off, $$ off, Free Room Cleaned. Can anyone post samples that worked for them? Chuck
  14. Chuck Shew

    General Talk about Commercial Carpet

    Today I went and cleaned my 3,000+ sq ft job. The carpet really needed replaced but the owner was trying to save some money. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, at times I felt like I was mowing dead grass. When we were done (2 people 6 hours) the owner was happy but I expected better. Before I...
  15. Chuck Shew

    Ok, now that I got the job..........

    You guys helped me land this job this job so now time for more advice. I quote $675 for this roughly 3,000 sq ft. I am going to skip using the cimex and go straight to the TM. I am assuming this is Olefin, while it is very dirty it seems it will clean up alright. You can see in the photo where...
  16. Chuck Shew

    New help with Price

    I had a call from a man with a empty commercial building with very old carpet. He said he felt the carpet could be saved but it has water stains from leaks. I have not seen the carpet but he said it is 3,000 square feet. If it is commercial carpet I do have a cimex machine, how much should I...
  17. Chuck Shew

    EDDM or Send bulk to only homes you want?

    I plan to send out some post carts very early March (I plan to make post cards very early February) I can use EDDM and know that maybe 20-30% might go to customers I would prefer not to market to, or I can spend a day making a list of addresses in the neighborhoods I want and have them go 100%...
  18. Chuck Shew

    Carpet Cleaner dies of generator fumes.

    Just a reminder to be careful while cleaning. This just happened this morning and the details are not all know but I cant but but think maybe it was his truck mount that caused the fumes. link not valid
  19. Chuck Shew

    How can I clean glue down rubber floors

    A store owner called me and I ran down to see her floors, it is a glued down rubberized floor. She tried to mop it and it streaks. What can I do to clean and buff the floor and try to provide a monthly service? Other then a truck mount I have a cimex machine. The business is 680 sq ft. is .10...
  20. Chuck Shew

    So why should a customer call you?................

    I have been reading articles and watching youtube videos about marketing techniques and I plan to change the way I go about marketing. I recently had made door hangers with a carpet cleaning special based on price. From what I have been reading this tells the customer you should pick me because...
  21. Chuck Shew

    Van heaters for Winter

    What type of heaters are you guys using in your vans when you can not park them in a garage? I bought a Walmart ceramic that can heat a large room in the house but I still got ice in my fresh tank. Chuck
  22. Chuck Shew

    Need Amtex Inferno help...

    I need some help with an older model Inferno. Yesterday I was cleaning carpet and I was getting no suction for my rinse, and the water was not hot. I got home tested the temp and it was about 110°. I am still learning about this machine, last time I used it everything was fine as far as I know...
  23. Chuck Shew

    Door Hangers not working...

    I have started a few marketing ventures and one was ordering 1,000 door hangers. Here was some lessons learned: Mine were too flimsy to really hang on a door. I decided not to place them on their door knobs, something about walking up to a front door and grabbing the handle just did not seem...
  24. Chuck Shew

    Do you give special pricing to Realtors?

    I am getting ready to start contacting my local realtors. I am just wondering if I should offer them a special price, since I am a start up company I do not want to come in too low only to raise my price to them when the business starts growing. Chuck
  25. Chuck Shew

    Facebook Liking

    I have been watching and listening to youtube videos all day long! One thing I learned is that Google is always changing and what works today might not work tomorrow. The next thing I learned is Social Media is the current "hot spot" and it appears it's only going to get hotter. You do not want...