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  1. J

    Rage Truckmout For Sale $2500 OBO @ Jon Don Location Langhorne PA

    This is well maintained. Replaced oil seals front and back two months ago. Bad: Blower is knocking so needs to be replace or rebuilt. Everything is good shape. Good motor, heat exchanger, water pump. Jon Don in langhorne PA will prove it. It’s on the pallet ready to be picked up or shipped 1084...
  2. J

    Vacuum Pump on Rage Problem and Oil Fill

    Hello Everyone, I’m trying to see if you guys can help me. Thank you in advance. First, I’m confuse about the oil fill on my blower pump, is it the blue or the red I circled on picture? The tech. told me it’s the blue one but it does not seem like an oil fill hole to me. I got the leaks from...
  3. J

    Power Vacuum Trailer For Air Duct

    Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance! I need your opinion with this air duct cleaning machine. It’s a power vacuum trailer. It’s 2002, 20hp engine with air compressor,reels,hoses, and filter bags ,trailer included. It had 11000 cfm. Asking $4800 do you think still good idea to buy this kind...
  4. J

    Rage 18 Hp Vanguard Spitting Oil in the Air filter box

    Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance. I have this rage truckmount that has 18 hp vanguard started spitting a little bit of oil from the breather hose in the air filter box. I drained some oil and the oil is below the line. I will try to run it tommorow and check the air filter box...
  5. J

    Fragrance Free & Green Carpet Cleaner?

    Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for your help. I have this commercial carpets about 50000 sqft and they want me to use fragrance free and green carpet cleaner if there is any? I told the guy that we can do steam and everything will be rinsed and extracted. It’s a medical research building so...
  6. J

    Need Help For Commercial Carpet

    Hi Everyone, I appreciate your help in advance. I have this office lab. and it has 50000 Sft of carpeted areas. Cubicles, conference rooms, hallways, breakrooms, and 3 floors. I talk to the guy incharge for doing the cleaning and he said, someone will complain about the smell of the chemicals...
  7. J

    Accesories for Poles

    Found these clamps at home depot. It keeps my poles organized and my vacuum wand.
  8. J

    I need help for cleaning air ducts for commercial building.

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your help in Advance. I have been doing air duct cleaning for residentials, but no commercial buildings. I have negative air machines and everything. My questions are, where do you hook up your vacuum hose? Commercial units are on the top.Anybody who has...
  9. J

    New Air Duct Attachment

    Anybody has this attachment for their air whips. I just got this yesterday and I cannot wait to try. It supposed to feed it through the vent without removing the covers. (See photo) If it works, this is an awesome tool. It will save me a lot time removing those painted covers.
  10. J

    Carpet Stretching for A big Room

    thank you guys in advance.What do you use to stretch a wide area. My Strecher only reach half of the room.Any tools to use? The ripples are in the middle. Thank you
  11. J

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Cleaning

    Hello Everyone, I would like to ask everyone here if they have cleaned vinyl plank flooring. What solution should I use, is it ok to steam it using truckmount or portable, could I use a rotary machine? I was thinking to use neutral cleaner, power scrub and steam it but I'm worried glue...
  12. J

    Negative Nikro Machine

    Hello Every! Thank you in Advance. I have an air duct cleaning job on Monday and I don't know where to put my 12 inch hose. The air duct trunk is in the ceiling so I can't drill a hole to put my Hose. I was thinking drilling a hole above the coil and put my vacuum hose there. They say it creates...
  13. J

    Cigarette Smoke Removal

    Hello Everyone! Thank you for help in advance. I need help for removing cigarette smoke in a house. Someone called me ask me about it. I told her to clean air ducts, carpets, wipe the walls and Ozone it. Any suggestions with this? Thank u!!
  14. J

    Tile & Grout Cleaning Quarterly.

    I normally charge .89/sqft for tile & grout, but this time my customer needs quarterly maintenance for tile & grout kitchen. It's a senior living building. 1500 sqft is the total measurement. I was thinking .50/Sqft ( nightime work) What do you think guys any suggestions? Thank you in advance...
  15. J

    Nikro ec5000 and ACS system

    So I bought this Negative Air Machines Nikro EC5000 and ACS 2800 CFM and accesories for $1300. I watched the videos on youtube how they clean the ducts with these machines and they drill two holes, one for intakes and one for returns. My questions are which one should I do first? For returns, is...
  16. J

    Hose reels & lubricating tools etc

    I got the solution reels & vacuum reels with hoses. Also had pump oil. Lubrication tool & lubrication used couple times and belt $350 or obo
  17. J

    Rage Overdumping Water to Waste Tank

    Hello Everyone, I have this truckmount Rage 178. It keeps dumping water into my waste tank eventhough I closed the bypass valve.It was not like this before I could only clean 6 rooms and 60 gallons of water almost empty. It was not like this before. I looked inside the vacuum inlet and It was...
  18. J

    Help For Water inlet

    Hi Evryone! I bought saphire rage (170) that don't have water inlet connected to the water box like prochem. I was trying to make one, but I want to make I will do this right. My question is, is it possible to put a T pipe on want I have right now. The middle pipe will have connect to the water...
  19. J

    Rage truckmount is a good buy?

    I went out to buy a rage truckmount.saphire makes them i think. It has 148 hrs. $4000 including reels, fresh water tank, waste tank 60 gallons 300 vacuum hoses and water hose. Almost brand new even the truck but i don't have money to buy the truck. What you guys think is a good truckmount? Thank...
  20. J

    Prochem Legend Se pulley

    I was trying to replace the oil seal for my truckmount and it couldn't take it off. Here is the pictures of it. Thanks for your help. Does it need to come off the top one. I used different tool and it would not come off.
  21. J

    Kholer Engine replacement

    I got a prochem legend that the engine rubber seal popped out. I was cleaning and engine shut off and smoked due to empty oil because of the leak. The tech. said he can replace the seal but it might pop-out again due to preassure and engine worn. It means no guarantee how long it will last. The...
  22. J

    Fuel line bypass!

    I noticed my prochem legend se - (older )was leaking gas. I don't know the name of this part but under that black circle where the leak was coming from. It's it ok to bypass this fuel line and anyone tried it before? I already did! It worked fine! Please see pics. Thank you
  23. J

    Overheating Water.

    Thank u in advance. I have this prochem legend se( older) and the water is overheating causing machine to shut down while I'm not using the water. I clean the filters and orifice.The only thing I didn't do is to clean the solinoid for water temperature because I didn't have special wrenches to...
  24. J

    Prochem Use for Airducts

    Hello Everyone, I'm planning to use my truckmount for airducts and dryer vent cleaning. So the muffler can be use for dry vaccuum also or just the water extraction only? I was reading the prochem se manual, it says, cannot operate with the water off. I appreciate it and thank you
  25. J

    Leaks from temperature sensor

    Prochem legend se. I noticed today, there's a leak coming from the temperature sensor every 10 seconds. Anybody has this problem before? thank u