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  1. owenscott

    Grave Stone / headstone cleaning and restoration

    Ive been researching this a bit. Seems there is a small market here. Other than using D2bio, soft brushes, to clean and watching youtube videos on technique ... what else do i need to know ? My helper heard the local headstone guy charges $150 to clean a 18" x 18" stone. Which includes a $90...
  2. owenscott

    Reccomendation for a power converter for portable

    What might u guys suggest to get for car to power one of my power cords for my portable. Needs to a 20amp. Im kicking breakers when i turn on heat. So i want to run one power cord from my car. Not even sure im calling it by the correct name. Plug in my cjggarette lighter in my car that...
  3. owenscott

    Clean storm brand new 1/2 room done now zero pressure

    Forced enough solution thru the line to get out the winterizer. Cleaned half a room. Turned on heater ... popped a breaker. reset breaker ... turned off heater. Now pump is at zero pressure. Pump whines when turned on but never more than zero on the gauge. no pressure at the wand. trouble...
  4. owenscott

    How adequate is this clean force portable ?

    Always thought id have a TM but the days, months, years, are going by fast and TM fund is still at ZERO, so i might as well get started with something. My budget is MAXED out with this and what else i'm going to need for accessories. I saw what i believe is the same as below but rebadged at jon...
  5. owenscott

    Funny hypnosis video

    These crack me up every time i watch them. Second one called the sleep gun.
  6. owenscott

    Cousin sals home delivery ... carpet cleaner

    Jimmy Kimmel Live has a carpet cleaner come to clean uh ... a wise guys bloo... not blood stains. Its FUNNY.
  7. owenscott

    You Tube Vid of Trump. Aka the donald ... aka the HAIR.

    Pretty much the best speech he gives. Much the same as all his other speeches but this one flows a bit better. All good stuff.
  8. owenscott

    Nfl sunday ticket max for a $100 ???

    So im on a deal site. See a post on how you can get directv sunday ticket max for $100. No dish needed. Streaming over the internet. On phones or tablet or xbox or ps4 or even a plain old computer. Whats the catch ... its only available to a students in a 4 year college. Sooooo ... my nephew...
  9. owenscott

    Can somebody with experience in WD please read this ..

    At another forum i belong to has an epic water damage thread going on. As far as i can tell its a serious situation and def health risks associated with it. Can somebody with some WD knowledge please pop in and if its dangerous please let the mom know to get out. We are talking mushrooms...
  10. owenscott

    favorite youtube channel. If u havent seen his stuff def watch some. Crazy kids. Great camera work. Excitement with a dash of "ouch thats gonna hurt" Heres a couple of his more popular ones.
  11. owenscott


    Sorry test post and app posted it ... Please delete
  12. owenscott

    New $cash thing from SquareUp

    Anybody know what its suppose to be for/about ? I already have regular square to accept credit cards. Is this new square $cash thing kinda like their version of paypal ... maybe ?? Anybody have any ideas ? Says only 1.5 to recieve money ... Debit cards only ... Maybe (another maybe)
  13. owenscott

    Painted concrete to look like wood floor. Well its looks pretty cool. But im thinking it wouldnt turn out so good if i did it. Heres the pintrist link with a much better picture.
  14. owenscott

    Guess what franchise is on sba worst franchise list ?

    Chemdry comes in strong at number 30.
  15. owenscott

    Stock picks ??

    I know we have some smarties on here. I just stumbled onto a stock pick ad. Im terrible at stock picking but what the heck might as well do some pretend buying on here. Here is the article. (I always enjoy figuring out the company WITHOUT signing up fot whatever the pitch is about) So first off...
  16. owenscott

    SS ... hot cleaners ?

    Another one bites the dust
  17. owenscott

    A plea for a little help?

    I just found a wonderful home. it would be great if all of us came together to pitch in just a little bit so i can get this house. Thanks. I have some money already and i expect i can talk him down some in the price. Right now im only $138,999,990 dollars short. Little help please...
  18. owenscott

    App keeps crashing on me .. am i the only one ?

    I type out 5 mins of text and BAM it crashes and my semi-intelligent response is gone forever. Am i the only one this happens to ? Seems to happen pretty often. @admin
  19. owenscott

    Square credit card app now works offline too.

    Poor internet conectivity been a problem with accepting credit cards ? Square goes off line to help. Def still have some serious drawbacks to off line mode. They have to be uploaded within 72 hours or it gets deleted from the app. Obviously any charges taken in off line mode might want to write...
  20. owenscott

    An explanation of basic business and supply and demand for haircuts

    I have often lived my life on the premise that if you really try hard at something, the world will meet you more than half way. My nephew went to barbering school. Tho dealing with mental illness which is under control thru medication he is having a hard time with getting customers (isnt...
  21. owenscott

    This dude is in charge ... make no mistake

    Ive watched this 10 times already. This video is epic !!
  22. owenscott

    Scraping labels off metal drums ... razorblade ? There has to be a better way !

    At my job at a foam making plant we have to scrape shipping labels off 55 gal painted metal drum. So far razor blade sucks ... methyl ethel keytone works but not as efficent as u think. Plus its nasty and all around bad for ya. Thrid thing we have tried is good old fashioned fingernails. Usually...
  23. owenscott

    Sherlock Holmes i presume ? Need a good detective ...

    We need to find a @Steve Toburen post WITHOUT a PS on the bottom of it ? Do you think anybody can find such a mythological beast ? Doubtful ... Rob could offer a prize @Rob Allen :) Ps this is all in good fun. We all know there is NO such thing !!
  24. owenscott

    Cool way to cool ..

    Not sure if this is redneck or techie or what. Im to old to deal with the heat when im home. I just spend the money on the a/c. I think the kids might get a kick oit of doing this as a weekend project. Anyways ... its cool. Pun intended :0)