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  1. comfort carpet care

    What is this, what is causing it, how do I fix it.

    I have a dr office I buff every 6 weeks and do strip and wax for. I have been finding this under some of the chairs months after s/w. I think it is adhesive, not sure how old floors are, not new. Any ideas what is causing it, it will scrape off. Sent from my XT1585 using TMF Forums mobile app
  2. comfort carpet care

    What kind of wand is this

    This wand came with my used TM purchase a few years ago. There is no name or distinguishing marks on the wand, so I figured why not ask TMF. It's 2" tube, 14" head with glide. The head is notched for the glide to slide through. It has 5 jets. Great clean and suction w/ a 4.7 blower. Just wanted...
  3. comfort carpet care

    New found respect.

    Some few months back the wife wanted the carpets cleaned and I was just too busy to get it done. So she decided to do it herself using 1 of my portables, if I would set it up. I got it out, hooked up hoses and wand, filled with water/rinse, pump up with prespray and left for work. Come home that...