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    Cross-Americans Worth Restoring?

    Our Jaguar cub served us well for the last 5 years. We've operated with a portable only for a long time and the cub's narrow track + proportions made it unstable at times but it's power to weight ratio was hard to argue with. So easy to lift out of the van. I think we went through one vac motor...
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    What equipment have you bought that was a waste or rarely use?

    After moving to worx sprayers on our carpet cleaning and power washing having to use a pump up sprayer for a day was really shocking. If anyone wants to get rid of a square scrub I'm sure we could give it a good home over here for refinishing decking!
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    What equipment have you bought that was a waste or rarely use?

    Wait, what were people using a square scrub for? Agitation?
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    CRB vs 175

    Thought of using a 175. I'll just have to order some stiffer bristles. I was always worried about keeping with the grain. I guess I just need to read up on "clocking" the buffer
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    CRB vs 175

    What I'd REALLY like to know is what a CRB could do on wood decking. I bought a used cimex last year with the same question.
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    CRB vs 175

    Yeater: long time forum member and one of the testers for supplies/equipment for magic wand company. I like the size and weight of the oreck for VLM of smaller areas and stairs or just agitation for HWE. I get the upside of a CRB but the price is pretty steep. I'd rather put the $$ toward one...
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    CRB vs 175

    Speaking of VLM, I just watched Yeater's new vid on the Mytee Eco14. A nice tool for sure but we are already stocked with an oreck, 175 and a cimex. Hmmmm
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    CRB vs 175

    Got it! Our tech was impressed with the stuff. This time of year we are heavy on upholstery and pet stains and he's making CLO2 into one of his go to treatments. Most of our clients have wool blend area rugs so chemistry is critical. I'd like to run some tests on the stabilized CLO2 vs the...
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    Worx Hydroshot

    The older model had speed/psi selector (low/high). I noticed the newer one I just picked up doesn't have it.
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    WORX sprayer mods

    Anyone else notice Worx is selling off a bunch of refurb hydroshots on eBay?. Wish I'd waited to buy my second unit. $58.77!!
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    CRB vs 175

    Good thing I ordered a gallon in the hottest month! I’m sure the carrier will take special care of it. /-:
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    CRB vs 175

    Nice. I'm going to pick up a gallon and try it out. Do you use scented or unscented?
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    CRB vs 175

    I’d love to hear more about how you‘re incorporating cl02 in your vlm. when you say “ powdered“ I assume you’re referring to sodium chlorite. I have some tablets we dissolve to a solution to use when we’re applying disinfectant to touch points after ULV fogging. I’ve often wondered about...
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    Who needs some Disinfectants?

    It’s EPA registered and on the N-list by number (but not name) which means it’s recognized as an ”equivalent product” And can be used as such.
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    No calls

    I’ll be happy if it’s even open for business first week of May. I’m not counting on seeing anything other than more fulfilled scriptural prophecy.
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    investing in property

    Is it 30?
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    investing in property

    In acompletely unrelated note: Does anyone know how long you need to be a member/ long time lurker to not be considered a "new member" on this forum? Joking, I'm pretty sure it's tied to the post count. So what's the magic number. Or can someone flip the switch for me!? Sheesh, I just need to...
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    mytee ETM astro van setup advice

    With a diesel burner would that make it a three cord setup?
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    Carpet sales decline - Whose to blame?

    Flooring is trending away from carpet, at least for residential in our area. No higher end real estate has it and trends follow the money.