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  1. LarryJones

    Mobile Website Builder

    I need to either build one or hire a pro to build a first class mobile website from scratch. It has to be professionally done geared to our cleaning industry services or no thanks.
  2. LarryJones

    Google Adwords-Post your best ad with best keywords

    What is your best google adwords ad? What type of service or services? What are the keywords you use with each? Do you use auto bid or set your own bids and how much? Do you go with "broad" "phrase" or "exact" on your keywords?
  3. LarryJones

    Do you guys charge more for "Rat Nastys"?

    Ok your phone rings and you ask the new customer your usual questions on the phone, then give them a quote. It's one of those kinds of people that wants a phone quote. You HOPE the custy was telling the truth about the condition of the carpet on the phone. So then you arrive later at the custy's...
  4. LarryJones

    A Salute to Canada's hockey team: Because winning gold without a single loss is outstanding!

    Canada defended its Olympic hockey title by beating Sweden 3-0 in the final at Bolshoy Ice Dome. The athletes arrived in Sochi as favorites and proved their golden class in style, becoming the first ever hockey champions to complete the Olympic competition without a single loss. They tied with...
  5. LarryJones

    {{{ Paging Joseph Rodgers}}}

    What ever happened to Joseph Rodgers? I have not seen him in here since last year. Seriously, I hope he is ok and still in the cleaning business.
  6. LarryJones

    Holy Toledo, it is one degree in Toledo Ohio now!

    I don't know how you guys who live up north can stand this colder than normal winter. I would have to keep the fireplace going 24/7 and probably would just hibernate until spring thaw comes. How do you get out and work in that severe cold? must be a b itch getting up early and...
  7. LarryJones

    Super Bowl Sunday-"Let's Get Ready to Rumble"

    All that media hype for the last 2 weeks. The waiting is about over and kickoff is just minutes away. I don't even know who the finalists are and who is still alive in the TMF contest that started just before the playoffs began. Someone fill us in about that. As for the game this evening, I am...
  8. LarryJones

    My fascination with Area Rug Cleaning

    Yesterday I made 420 dollars off of 3 expensive area rugs. I did not clean them. I went to my custy's house and picked them up last week and took them in my van and subbed the work out to an area rug cleaner who has top of the line equipment. Then after the usual 1 week turn around period, I...
  9. LarryJones

    Obama's State of the Union Address tonight.

    Same old hot air bull s hit coming out of Obama's mouth while all those plastic phony politicians in BOTH parties clap and applaud. Truth is that BOTH political parties are no friend of small business people in America. When will the people of this country ever wise up and break the stranglehold...
  10. LarryJones

    Help! Cleaning Porcelain Tile tomorrow.

    I will be using a spinner hooked up to a 1200 psi M-12 porty to clean all but 1 of the rooms downstairs in a residence. I went and looked at the tile tonight. It appears to be porcelain tile. Any good advice as to psi and chemicals etc. in cleaning the tile and grout lines on this porcelain tile...
  11. LarryJones

    Could Rob or somebody post a new poll for NFL Playoffs?

    I seem to remember that 2 or 3 years ago, Rob posted the NFL playoff teams and the guys cast their votes who they thought would win the SuperBowl. Playoffs don't start until tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) at around 4:35 pm eastern time when The Kansas City Chiefs play @ Indianapolis Colts in the...
  12. LarryJones

    Real Suede Couch & Suede Love Seat & 2 rooms. How much?

    Custy is bickering over price to clean a real suede couch and a real suede love seat. Plus to clean his carpet in his living room and 1 bedroom. None of it is trashed but still no quick job either. How much would you have quoted him?
  13. LarryJones

    Is this the same country I was born in???

    I was looking at CNN today online. The headline says; " Scouts deliver pizzas to gay couples " Well I was really surprised at that because I was in the Boy Scouts in my teen years. And back then, no one would have put up with this nellyness nonsense that is forced on us today by the mainstream...
  14. LarryJones

    Any advice for cleaning a Bear Skin rug?

    After cleaning a custy's carpets and upholstery last Saturday, the custy pulls a bear skin rug out of the closet and asks me about cleaning it later. So I laser measured it to roughly 48 square feet. That is not a completely accurate measurement as the rug dimensions are jagged of course...
  15. LarryJones

    Vacuuming from a truckmount?

    I was watching this youtube video where John "Hitman" Braun of Hitman Advertising/Premium Carpet Care in Pensacola, Florida demonstrates his crew vacuuming a rug while hooked up to a truckmount. He says this vacuum cleaner has the power of at least 10X the suction of other vacuum cleaners. He...
  16. LarryJones

    Help! My Mytee M-12 220 psi pump stopped working!

    I was cleaning the carpet in a custy's house yesterday with my Mytee M-12. Near the end, the 220 psi pump stopped working. After I brought the machine back home, I plugged the lower power plug in, turned the ball valve to run the water through the plastic hose and flipped the switch to check the...
  17. LarryJones

    How much to charge for cleaning interior ceiling of 48 ft RV ?

    How much would you charge for cleaning the interior ceiling of a 48 ft RV ? It is a high curved ceiling with white fabric. No "one time" swipe with an upholstery tool is going to knock this thing off easily. Upon inspection, I can see stains all over and some tight places to move the upholstery...
  18. LarryJones

    How many cheap whining price shoppers call you per week?

    I had a call today from a lady saying that she wanted the carpet in 3 rooms cleaned this evening. It was an empty condo they want to move into early tomorrow morning. I told her 99 dollars. Then she whined how it was only 3 rooms, so why so much? I told her I have expenses like fuel, insurance...
  19. LarryJones

    Where is Kip?

    I'm in the dark. Where is Kip? I have not been on any of the other message boards in a long time. Anyone talked to him? What's up?
  20. LarryJones

    Is this racist or harmless funny satire?

    There has been much controversy over the rodeo clown who got fired, threatened and was given a lifetime ban because he dressed up as Obama at the Missouri State Fair last Saturday night. Then 2 days later, Alex Jones did this controversial skit on his radio show with an Obama mask. In your...
  21. LarryJones

    Up! Personal Portable 3D Printer

    I am thinking about buying a couple of these 3D printers. The possible uses of them blows the mind as seen in this video. Some of them sell for less than 1000 dollars although I would get a pair of the 1800 dollar ones I think. Should any of you watch this 7 minute YouTube video, feel free to...
  22. LarryJones

    Google Adwords Users: What % of your click ons call you?

    For every 100 clicks, how many actually call you? And what has been your average cost per click? How many different ads per day are you running? Do you pause the ads a certain time in the evening to resume them early the next morning, or do you leave them running 24 hours a day? Do you run the...
  23. LarryJones

    “We Have Become a Nation of Hamburger Flippers” Thanks Obama!;_ylt=AwrHgbBEp_xRXSAA4gCiuYdG;_ylu=X3oDMTN1djliOWFvBG1pdANGaW5hbmNlIEZQIE1lZ2F0cm9uIDIEcGtnA2YxYzEyZTRiLThjZGQtM2NiMy1iYjhkLTU2ODNlYjBkNzc1NQRwb3MDMQRzZWMDbWVnYXRyb24EdmVyAzVkM2I1MzA...
  24. LarryJones

    Demographics: Which 2 cities have the most and least CC's per capita?

    Anyone ever wondered or looked it up for Canada and United States? I think my metropolitan area would have to be right up there among the most congested for the number of cleaners per capita. I would be curious to know what 2 or 3 cities are the least congested of CC's per capita.