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  1. AussieCarpetBloke

    Dark Stain Caused By Contractor Plastic Walkway - HELP

    Hahaha Yeah it does! Our public health system is pretty decent! Can get anything operated on for free in public hospital, depends on how urgent and waiting lists. Private health depending on, pay a small gap fee and get operated on straight away in private hospital with private rooms...
  2. AussieCarpetBloke

    Dark Stain Caused By Contractor Plastic Walkway - HELP

    Just Pre-sprayed Scrubbed with blue pad extracted with TM Swapping back and forth between 175 & wand Juggling hoses in an open hospital ward was fun.... Got it sorted[emoji106][emoji106]
  3. AussieCarpetBloke

    if you can stand one more virus thread....

    Wash you’re mouth out with soap Luk!!!!!!! He was THE worst person that’s ever been here...
  4. AussieCarpetBloke

    What will get this out

    This is Aerosol Chlorinated Brake Cleaner in a spray can Not “parts washing stuff/solvent”- although Brake Cleaner is a parts washing solvent Parts wash stuff is generally Kerosene...which wouldn’t melt fibres Have used it on everything all types of carpet/upholstery, even used it to get...
  5. AussieCarpetBloke

    new Ford Transit 250 plus Sapphire 370SS truckmount

    He’s in Aurora / Denver I think
  6. AussieCarpetBloke

    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Defoamer helps the vacuuming up Doesn’t help spraying solution DONT EVER PUT DEFOAMER INTO YOUR SOLUTION TANK- it’s only for the vacuum hose or the vacuum recovery tank so you don’t lose your vacuum!!!!! Quickly go and educate you’re mate!!! If he doesn’t know what defoamer does, don’t ask him...
  7. AussieCarpetBloke

    Hose cuffs question

    Put a whole roll of duct tape on the outside of the 1.25cuff so it plugs the 2in hole
  8. AussieCarpetBloke

    Carpet Over Foam Gymnastics Floor

    It’s just bouncy carpet Clean as per normal I just wouldn’t scrub it Cleaned with my normal prespray and Mytee Bentley wand At full temp on my SS370
  9. AussieCarpetBloke

    Kitchen tile walls

    @ACP is spot on Also, can put a few drops of dish liq in a foam generating sprayer bottle with ya T&G chems to help dwell and stop it all running away Can use that plastic film with the built in masking tape to look super professional and protect counters etc - more for the dog and pony...
  10. AussieCarpetBloke

    What’s your prespray applicator & dilution ratio? Love mine, hasn’t let me down in 18months I would have burnt out 3 cheap EBay blocks Or another Hydroforce EASILY by now
  11. AussieCarpetBloke

    Kirby Vac?

    Probably the best vac BUT Essentially they are all the same Before gen5 they had plastic vacuum fan blades and could shatter easy if you sucked up a coin or something After gen5 they have Kevlar? Blades and the fan blades are much stronger and last much longer The only real difference was...
  12. AussieCarpetBloke

    Carpet Gurus Help -

    I agree!! Don’t know why they only protect a “runway” and not the whole floor? The problem isn’t the dirt it’s the dividing line lol Builder said we should have masked the whole floor I said or dont mask and pay me to clean it better than it’s been cleaned in 10 years. He knew I was right...
  13. AussieCarpetBloke

    Carpet Gurus Help -

    Tried to find out what protection film was used Builders are useless haha Rang local builders supply shop that sells that crap. They advised problem is carpet wasn’t cleaned before film applied, there’s warnings labels, and it’s written in instructions. Builders obviously don’t need...
  14. AussieCarpetBloke


    @Jim Davisson posted a picture of 2 sanitiare vacs bungee corded together....
  15. AussieCarpetBloke

    Carpet Gurus Help -

    So had a call from a builder that has completed a refit in a hospital wing. They used stick down protection in the middle of the carpet hallways. After removing the film there must be residue as you can see the dirty strip where the film was I nailed it with my TM and some high alk - viper...
  16. AussieCarpetBloke

    Generator info needed

    Not being rude, but use the search function for this forum. There’s so many posts/topics about generators and portables it’s crazy, happy reading [emoji106]
  17. AussieCarpetBloke

    Do you run 8-1 or 4-1 Hydroforce inline sprayer?

    Beware Hydroforce Revolution are GARBAGE They go out of adjustment quickly! They also fail often, and will let you down in the middle of a job, when you are miles from anywhere I’ve had 2 adjustable ratio Hydroforce Revolutions They are both junk and I refuse to depend on another one!!! Get...
  18. AussieCarpetBloke

    Do you run 8-1 or 4-1 Hydroforce inline sprayer?

    I always have 2 hydroforce sprayers on my van HAVE TO HAVE A BACKUP 1 @ 4:1 1 @ 8:1 Normally use the 8:1 Quite often I’ll use the 4:1 in a Powerade bottle with acid - pet treatments etc But depending on the size of the job Big job I’ll use 8:1 Start of the day normally have 8:1 Last job of...
  19. AussieCarpetBloke

    How much has your truckmount made you?

    Damn straight!! He’s a real life rock star!!!! Turned over $5500 this year with my TM
  20. AussieCarpetBloke

    Recommend one 12-inch tiles clean spinner?Turbo Force Hybrid 12'' or Mytee tile spinner or HYDRO-FORCE SX-12 or others?

    I have an SX-12 it’s been a beast Need a new brush ring.... It’s the older one with the twin vac recovery hoses at 9-3 o’clock. The recovery hoses get in the way under cupboards etc, just have to work around em But they have redesigned the new one with one hose at the rear, like the SX15 Turbo...
  21. AussieCarpetBloke

    Recommend one 12-inch tiles clean spinner?Turbo Force Hybrid 12'' or Mytee tile spinner or HYDRO-FORCE SX-12 or others?

    Yes the CX15 is a spinner for carpets Although he never spoke about the CX15 He was talking about the SX15, of which the SX12 & SX15 are tile spinners