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  1. Palmetto Carpet

    New IPS Pro Sprayer

    I have been using the New IPS Pro Sprayer for about a month. A little over a week ago, my sprayer would not shut off properly. You have to disconnect the battery to get it to shut off. I have been trying to contact the company, but it gives me an error message when submitting the email. I...
  2. Palmetto Carpet

    Need help on this shower!

    This shower is about 4 years old. Natural stone and sealed with a glossy clear seal. Some seal is wearing off and stone is accumulating soap scum. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. Palmetto Carpet

    IPS Pro Sprayer Issues!!

    I have invested $600 in two IPS Pro Sprayers in the last 12.5 months. I have purchased two sprayers new seals, etc. My first sprayer stopped spraying with any pressure after about 4 months. I purchased a new sprayer along with a new seal kit for the first one, thinking I could have a backup...
  4. Palmetto Carpet

    Outdoor Tile and Grout Seal Question

    I have a customer with an uncovered Tile and Grout patio on the second floor of his house. He is having an issue with the water penetrating through to the membrane below and exiting down the side of his house. He has a stucco home and the water is getting in between the stucco and house...