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    Some Results for Mama Fen

    As promised, I am delivering on some feedback since Mama was so kind as to send some samples to so many of us for the Newline products. First of all - I have not used the detergent (Tsunami) - just doesn't really fit into my cleaning system as I almost exclusively use an alkaline prespray and...
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    Critique my Maid Mailer

    Expanding my business this fall for a much-requested service. No competition in the area so hopefully it will go well! I intend to use this design as both a mailer to existing customers and a flyer to share during door-to-door sales. Constructive criticism please!
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    Dultmeier Tapered hose

    In another thread we discussed the tapered hose available for about 25 bucks from I made a short video demonstrating the difference in vacuum velocity between the dultmeier hose and a 3 foot 1.5 inch whip. Sorry it's pretty bad quality but the weather is not good so I just set up...
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    Some questions on what I should be considering

    I own a small one truck carpet/tile cleaning operation. I cater mostly to the higher end residential in my rural area. The population of this area means it would probably never grow much beyond 1 truck. But, besides the normal girls posting on Facebook and the few ladies of questionable...
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    Excellent Mytee Customer Support

    Just want to share the experience I had today with John LaBarbera and Lisa Cave with Mytee. My Bentley wand needed a splashguard (broke one off on a door frame). So I looked online and they were only a buck a piece, so I put 3 sets (left and right) in my cart and holy smokes - 6 dollars in...
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    Scammer just won't throw in the towel

    Notice How there are several email addresses she is sending to in the original request - any of you guys on here? Well at least it is a real house: But Wait - that's just a little out of my service range!
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    Why is House Call Pro so glitchy?

    It just feels like an unfinished product. Today, finishing up a job that I'd already marked "on my way" and "start". I got to finish it up and now all the sudden it's not a job it's an estimate. Try to convert it to a job, turns back into another estimate. Jobs are completely disappeared. Last...
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    Ford Transit Recall

    Any of you guys seen this yet? 400,000 transits being recalled due to driveshaft separation after only 30k miles
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    How do you find your helpers?

    I'm in a position where I really could use some part-time help, specifically with some large school district jobs over the summer, but I would also like to find a guy to begin grooming for a tech position when I reach a pivotal growth point and I'm ready to bring on a full time tech. So, how do...
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    Commercial Door Lock

    So this topic comes up a handful of times in a search, all in old dead threads. And looking closely I can only find one or two similar products and all very expensive. I've designed a door lock that will allow commercial (or residential) doors to be locked in a position that is between 3 and 8...
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    Dry erase eraser spot

    This spot is from a dry erase board eraser that was laid down on the carpet. What do you guys think? Nothing's been done yet. This is my in-laws so I got time to approach it
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    Old Squishy Toy guts

    Customer sent me these photos where her granddaughter busted a very old squishy frog toy. It's hard to see in the photos but it sounds like the guts were greenish. This is older nylon carpet and they keep it in excellent shape. Regular customer for many years, I would like to get this out for...
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    Portable receipt/invoice printing

    Anybody using a portable printer to print receipts from their phone or tablet? specifically with HCP? Looking for a way to satisfy those customers that want a paper receipt without handwriting. IF you use one, what brand do you suggest? How does the layout work on a smaller printer (receipt...
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    Commission sales

    How do you guys feel about a part time sales man? I have a unique position in that I clean carpets on the side and work full time. This lends itself well to smaller commercial offices and such since they normally want it done in the evening after closing anyway. However, I never have the...
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    So what do you guys think about the Oreck Orbiter?

    I'm looking for something to take the place of my 175 for most jobs. It works well but takes up so much space in the van and it is soo heavy. I'd like to only carry it when needed, and pick up an Oreck for the day-to-day agitation, bonnet cleaning, etc. I've heard nothing but good things, but...