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  1. chicagoside

    Mediclean question

    Hello everyone, Question regarding using Mediclean Germicidal Disinfectant. Can we Mediclean in electrostatic sprayer to disinfect walls, furniture, carpet? If no, any suggestion on good disinfectant that would be good for electrostatic sprayer? I am already new owner of a business, just...
  2. chicagoside

    Water softener structure help

    I just bought this set up and has water softener and also chemical jug that auto feed the chemical. Im not really familia with both options. My main question is, how to fill up fresh water tank using water softener. There are couples hoses running from water softener and its confusing the heck...
  3. chicagoside

    Need help purchasing

    Hello everyone, I have been tmf member for few years, been using it on and off and now regularly for past few weeks. I have been looking for used set up for past few weeks, i first looked on tmf classified but dint really find that fit my budget, distance, specs etc. i found one which is...
  4. chicagoside

    CC Business Expenses

    I asked one question few months ago, and iv got satisfactory replied from you all experts. I read posts pretty much everyday. I tried to find a thread about the business expenses for cc business, but i couldnt find any. So i thought to post a thread asking you all experts about, what are the...
  5. chicagoside

    Help getting started new CC business

    Hello you all experts, I am new on here. I have been reading forum regularly, i am kinda became fan of some of you masters on here. I enjoy reading post and specially the expriance you guys share from your everyday work. I have also read some of the suggestions forum you gave to newbies who...