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  1. CrazyRay

    Commercial Carpet Disaster

    Without seeing it or knowing anything else I would say you need to rinse more thoroughly and take extra drying strokes. Probably getting a buildup of chemical residue. You might use blowers on the job to get it dry quicker.
  2. CrazyRay

    Is Scotchgard safe?

    I think the real risk was to the fluorochemical production workers. Has anyone seen the documentary The Devil We Know?
  3. CrazyRay

    Started carpet cleaning business in 1977. Grew to more than 25 technicians in two offices in...

    Started carpet cleaning business in 1977. Grew to more than 25 technicians in two offices in Dallas/Ft Worth. Co-founder, board member and president of Southwest Carpet Cleaners Assoc. (SWCCA). Board of Director for IICRC. Many certifications including Senior Claims Inspector, contributor IICRC...
  4. CrazyRay

    Circuit indicator light doesn't always work?

    Circuits with a GFI or GFCI have been known to cause "false readings" on those circuit indicators. Having the hot and common wires flip flopped in the wiring can also cause it not to read. For example, if you put a new plug on one of your power cords be sure the black wire goes to the gold post...
  5. CrazyRay

    LMB2A and Mytee C302A

    These two vacs are definitely different. The LMB2A is a more efficient, and higher performance vac with tapered fans providing higher lift & CFM. It operates on less amps due to modern motor design.
  6. CrazyRay

    What would you recommend

    The CX-15 also does not use electricity (no cord). For residential, the TRex Jr. is excellent. Light weight and maneuverable. Plus, Mytee is having a promo until January 4th. When you buy a TRex Jr. from a distributor Mytee will throw in the Mytee Dry upholstery tool set. Includes that tool with...
  7. CrazyRay

    Rotovac powerwand jets

    Have you ever had a jet or jets clogged on the Powerwand? If so, could you see a difference in cleaning?
  8. CrazyRay

    I modified the lint hog

    We've been using Goop for quite some time on projects like this. It's very strong but doesn't get hard. Holds good and is still removable if you ever need to.
  9. CrazyRay

    wand for short person

    I'll leave that alone. Ok, there was a lot more to my post but it disappeared. Is the auto save working?
  10. CrazyRay

    wand for short person

    5' 5 is not exactly a Lolly Pop Kid...
  11. CrazyRay

    Mytee 220 psi pump help

    Ok Nick that pump part is on the way. We sent it out yesterday by Priority Mail.
  12. CrazyRay

    Mytee 220 psi pump help

    Nick, sorry I haven't been on the forum much lately. Didn't see this thread until now. I'm sure we have one in the service dept. bone yard. I'll pull one off and send it to you tomorrow. Ray
  13. CrazyRay

    Anyone selling a cimex?

    I know a cleaner in Dallas that has a 15" for sale. Barely used. I don't know how much he wants for it. If you are interested I will call him tomorrow and hook you up. Let me know.
  14. CrazyRay

    Certified Pile Lifter - worth it? make sense?

    I had a few Certified Pile Lifters that we used on restoration cleaning, new construction clean up, etc. Back in the day it was, hands down, the best, most aggressive pre-vacuum tool available. Two motors, one for the vacuum the other to drive the big single cylindrical brush. It was made to dig...
  15. CrazyRay

    Portable PSI??

    As John alluded to, your target market should dictate how you upgrade a portable. However, in my opinion, a 100 psi pump is ok for upholstery cleaning, but that's about it. When upgrading any portable extractor the two primary considerations for components you want to change are: physical size...
  16. CrazyRay

    Reviews? Helix 360+

    Looks like a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtering system. We have been offering a built in RO system on Dynachem truck mounts for a couple of years now. RO water is much better to use in cleaning, especially if you are in a hard water area. It does prevent scale build up as well as allow the use...
  17. CrazyRay

    Red Sharpie permanent ink removal???

    PS. Regarding the original post about Sharpie's. Since this thread was started, Larry Cobb released his Dynachem Stain Solv. No ink stands a chance against it.
  18. CrazyRay

    Red Sharpie permanent ink removal???

    Mike that's obviously residue and should be extracted. A small spot extractor would work. However, if you don't want to take any kind of extractor into the building then you might use a poultice. An absorbent powder, a little messy for me, or a weighted microfiber towel after spotting. Also...
  19. CrazyRay

    Turbo Hybrid problem

    Could be time for a new spinner valve. Or, if yours is a newer machine a rebuild kit for the valve.
  20. CrazyRay

    Question about Fire smoke odor cleaning/treatment

    ProRestore, formerly Unsmoke, has a product called TobacAttac. It is an additive to your cleaning solution for smoke odors. It works good and smells great. If you don't have access to an ozone room then find a safe place outside to let them air out in the sun, if you have enough time before they...
  21. CrazyRay

    The original "smart" strand...

    Well, yeah, the ability to afford installed wool carpeting is certainly a factor. But also, understanding and appreciating the benefits is a factor as well. That is where the builders and retailers come in as John alluded to. I have noticed, in Dallas anyway, that most of the residential...
  22. CrazyRay

    What I'm working on

    Bob, do you have some of the new Dynachem Stain Solve from Cobb? It rips through most paint, fingernail polish and inks of all kinds quicker than anything I have ever seen. We have some customers telling us they are taking out some furniture stains with it as well. Stuff is awesome!
  23. CrazyRay

    Upgrade Vac motors

    Schematics are good, but why would you need one here? Any 5.7 vac motor will bolt right on to the 5.7 manifold in the Mytees. The only potential problem for a physical fit is height. That usually is not a problem, there's plenty of room in the Mytee. Then connect to the same wires as the old...
  24. CrazyRay

    Upgrade Vac motors

    I think the easiest way to bump up the vacuum would be what JRH suggested. Only, to make it easier I would use an HP 5.7 three stage like the LMB2A. Put the LMB2A on the #2 cord in place of the 2 stage. You don't need to modify or change anything else. Running one 2 stage and one 3 stage is not...
  25. CrazyRay

    3 stage vac motors

    The most efficient and best performing 5.7 3 stage motors for portable extractors are the LMB2A from Cobb, in my opinion. Not the cheapest, but the best.