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    Laminate floor cleaning

    Not the most professional choice but Simple Green has actually worker wonders for me on laminate floors. I usually mix it like 1:8 if I want a strong clean.
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    What's your best carpet cleaning "tip & trick"?

    This is the biggest reason I will never run a female QD at the end of my like. I can't be trusted to not turn on the valve at least once a day. Do I pay an extra $10 a year because I smack the end on so many things to relieve pressure? Yup. Is it cheaper than 100 walks to the van and back? Probably.
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    What Do You Own And Why

    Direct drive is good for a new van with a warranty. Slide in is great for used vans you plan to go through while your TM still has life in it. My old boss has shuffled one slide in through 3 trucks already.
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    Do you run 8-1 or 4-1 Hydroforce inline sprayer?

    Strong concentrated solution is great until it's drying before you even get the wand up.
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    jon don

    A Steamway 4100LX gas tm, a prospector 500 portable from jon don, and a jaguar cub from cross american. I've also used nautilus portables, multi steam slide in units, and both butler and hydramaster cds direct drive machines.
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    jon don

    I've used a few different types of gas tm, both slide in and direct drive, and my number one issue that stalls me out is usually wiring failure. Loose or shorted or broken connector. Little things that can happen on any machine. I've had both tm's and portables catch on fire. Either way you go...
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    Saphire Summit

    I was curious about the dds. Deciding between that or a butler for a setup in the future. The dds looks nicer but butler being 15 mins from my house is a pretty nice perk in itself. Opinions?
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    Do you run 8-1 or 4-1 Hydroforce inline sprayer?

    Personally never had an issue with my 8-1 setup. And my general daily prespray doesn't have any enzymes or oxidizers that go bad so even a day or two later I don't see any real noticeable difference in the cleaning results. That said if I have a job that needs that extra push I either mix what I...
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    Tell me you’re a carpet cleaner...

    My natural instinct is to look at the floor in any building or home I enter.
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    Fringe Cleaning

    I used to do fringes with a fine fabric prespray, light scrub, then extract with an upholstery tool. Dry with a fan and fix any browning with a peroxide and light agitation.
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    I'm finally in business next month! Toilet adapter? It took me a while to find it but I knew I had seen one before, but very rarely. Also John makes a good point. I don't personally dump on people's lawns, but you should always be using some type of in-line filter to catch the lint and debris that...
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    I'm finally in business next month! Toilet adapter?

    I've never seen one like that. I thought you meant one of the ones that clamps to the top of the bowl. If you want a filtered one like that, a piece of pvc pipe will work. Cap and glue one end and drill holes all around it. Line the inside with a bit of mesh or screen to catch the chunks. Top...
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    New 2020 Transit 250 ewb/el Carpet Cleaning Rig

    That's the way to be. Even if my engine, blower, pump, and heater all blew at once it would only be 8-10k to replace everything brand new. Less than half the cost of a new one. Truly amazing how much some wires and a frame work out to cost.
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    I'm finally in business next month! Toilet adapter?

    They're a bit of a pain to work with. Just put your hose under the seat and close both lids on it to hold it in there, and wipe it down when you finish the job.
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    Large Showroom Floors

    As long as the suction is working right the auto scrubber should do fine. The grout will get dirty from foot traffic and need to be cleaned either way once in a while. If you're really against it though, a good flat mop with high quality pads will let less soak into grout than a traditional mop.
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    What equipment have you bought that was a waste or rarely use?

    Hydroforce SX-15 (prefer a 12 or a tile wand) Microfiber mop bucket Hydrocide Xtreme (I have 30 gallons collecting dust that I will never be able to use)
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    Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex

    I agree with OxiFresh. There's usually some type of janitor closet on every floor in places like that. Just bring a bucket and your encap, measuring cup, and a few sets of pads up with you. Always prevac though. As much as we want to have faith in the skills of their cleaning crews, they...
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    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other This and a raised screen to put the rug on will save you so much frustration with sand and dirt. Put the rug on face down, vacuum the backing really well, hit it with this for 5 minutes and then clean as normal. At my old shop that was the main procedure...
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    Trying to maximize my setup

    Be gentle on the front wheels when loading and unloading. Loved using a nautilus but coworkers always banging it around made the front wheels stop working properly. Besides that they're a great machine that does great work. Especially with all the storage space on the top.
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    Big franchise only allows 7 mins room to clean

    Rooms for me take as long as they need to. If I can do a room in 5 minutes? Fine by me. If a room the same size takes me 20? Still alright. My prices are set so anything I lose on one room I get back on the next. Not that I lose on any of the rooms, just a little less profit here and there.
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    Best truckmount for the not mechanically inclined........

    Either a Butler system or a Hydramaster 4.8 in my experience. Very few mechanical issues if you just maintain them regularly. Your dealer will show you all the scheduled maintenance and Butlers even have a chart on the cover to tell you the daily, weekly, monthly, and hour based maintenance. If...
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    Anyone using downstream injection?

    Only large issue I've ever had was a check valve going bad after around 4000 hours. Changed it out and no issues since. Besides that I had to replace an old line from cracking letting air in. 2 minute fix.
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    Wet/dry vac for stripping

    Lately since my expensive one broke I've just been using a 12 gallon Rigid shop vac. I took a piece of 1.5" hose with a cuff and taped it together with the original hose and have a good 20 feet on it now. With the suction it's giving me I could possibly do 40-50. Jon-Don sells a really nice...
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    What will get this out

    Does it feel greasy to you? I had a chair like that but it was all hair spray. I did the callback after the original cleaning and it was a big production to get it out. If the spot went away when you cleaned it but it came back maybe consider trying to dry it with a fan while you clean it?