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  1. Avdo

    Equipment for sale. Shutting it down

    2006 Chevy Express 1500 with 103k. Almost brand new transmission. Nothing was wrong with transmission until I tried to be mechanic lol. Cracked the case and had to replace the whole thing. EZ TM 35/47 with little over 100 hrs T-Rex Sr. Almost brand new 15" Zipper 2 175 machines Cobra...
  2. Avdo

    Passenger Van

    Anybody converted passenger van and installed TM? Any pics Thanks
  3. Avdo

    Aztec Financial

    Anybody using them? Liking it or not? What are their rates?
  4. Avdo

    PM Carpet Cleaning Contract

    Does anybody mind sharing their carpet cleaning contract for Property Management? Thanks
  5. Avdo

    Betco Best Floor Finish

    Who uses this floor finish and what are your thoughts. I'm thinking about giving it a shot but damn is it expensive lol Thanks
  6. Avdo

    I'm having issues with my belts snapping

    Already changed belts twice. Which ones do you guys use or do you lube yours with anything to last longer? Thanks
  7. Avdo

    Urine on furniture

    How do you guys handle urine on furniture? This is the first time I ran into it and would need some guidance. Is process the same as on carpet?
  8. Avdo

    Need some help

    One of the roofing companies recently did a roof on the customers house. There was a leak and they came back and fixed it however water from the leak got on the carpet. Customer said it is staring to smell. Going to look at it tomorrow. Small area not the whole room. Any tips you guys can give...
  9. Avdo

    What do you guys think

    2500 flyers delivered to specific neighborhoods ever month for $750/ month. This includes. Design print and delivery
  10. Avdo

    Mildew issues

    Hello guys. I need some help with mildew. Cleaned carpet couple of day ago. Customer just called saying basement smells like mildew. Not sure what went wrong. Had fans and did plenty of dry passes. This is the first time it happened to me. Anybody can give any advice on how to proceed? Thanks
  11. Avdo

    HX for EZ

    Anybody out there that has one for sale. I have 35/47. Please let me know. Thank you
  12. Avdo

    Belts on EZ TM

    Can anyone help with changing belts on EZ. Never done it before and I want to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks
  13. Avdo

    Cleaning and Sealing Concrete for urine odor

    I have a job in the works that will have to have some carpets patched. I will have to clean and seal concrete under the carpet. What product do you guys use to clean and seal concrete?
  14. Avdo

    Please Help if you know what is going on

    I was at the job last night and water is just pouring out of one on HX exhausts. Please look at the picture
  15. Avdo

    Van Lease

    Do you guys actually buy or lease your Vans, trucks or whatever you use? Is there a lease option for those types of vehicles
  16. Avdo

    Ceramic tiles with wax

    What is the best way to approach this? Use stripper or something else. Thanks
  17. Avdo

    Sapphire Portable Extractors

    Anybody has one with 1200 psi and how do you like it? Thank you
  18. Avdo

    EZ Truckmount owners

    Ok here is the deal. I have 35/47 EZ. I feel like I have a Boeing 787 in the back of my van. Any recommendation on how to make this thing any quieter. NOTE: Please dont tell me did you ask or get it touch with Nick lol Thank you
  19. Avdo

    CX-15 for sale

    If anyone is interested in CX-15 I have one for sale for $800 with shipping included. Sorry couldn't post it it classified section.
  20. Avdo

    Having pressure issues with Nautilus portable

    This is what is happening. When I start machine it works as it should for a few second then pressure just drops and keeps going up and drops again. Anybody have any idea what is going on. Thanks
  21. Avdo

    Health Insurance and premium

    Tf is up with these rates n deductibles man. 13k for deductible. Damn
  22. Avdo

    Diversey/Sealed Air Floor finish/wax

    Do any of you use their products and which one from their line of finishes you had the best results with. Thank you
  23. Avdo

    Good deal for someone starting up

    I would say this is a good deal. I would buy it but really no need for it and I dont want to resale it to make money off of you poor rug suckers lol If anybody needs it tools only are worth more that $1800 NOTE: Im always...
  24. Avdo

    Stripping and Waxing Ceramic Tiles

    I was in contact with potential customer yesterday asking me to strip and was ceramic tiles. I know this is not the best war to do ceramic tiles but in case they keep pushing for it what is the approach. I have done many VCT jobs but never stripped and waxed ceramic. This is a groceries store...
  25. Avdo

    Selling my Cimex

    I have Cimex for sale. Used few times. Everything is in perfect working condition. Comes with pad drivers and set of brushes. I'm asking $2000 with shipping included. Let me know if interested