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  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Linen sofa (customer put a cover on his sofas) dye transferred

    One of my repeat customers decided to put a pillow cover on his linen sofa, and the cover transferred pink dye, any recommendations on how to try to remove it? I told him will most likely be permanent, but I want to see if some of you guys had bumped in to this same situation?
  2. Jose Rodriguez

    Velvet made of polyester.

    One customer called me asking about cleaning a Velvet Sectional, her cat urinated on it and wants to know if I can clean it. I have cleaned velvet with solvent base cleaners, but never encounter 1 with cat urine, any advices on how to clean it and also treat for pet cat urine contamination...
  3. Jose Rodriguez

    Mexican tile how will you approach this?

    This job 630 sf of tiles full of wax junk. I cleaned this and want to share my work with you guys, but before please tell me what is the best way to approach it.
  4. Jose Rodriguez


    Hello everyone, I do not do water damage, however I have a few water damage companies that call me to extract water with my truck mount in big water damage jobs because they don't have truck mounts only portables, I got called to do a job for a Macy's and I was there with one of my employees...
  5. Jose Rodriguez

    Hallway Cleaning Pricing, Apartment Building

    Hi everyone, I have been away from TMF for a while because I am really busy, and I understand if I don't get a fast respond, I am working on a bid for a commercial building in La, the situation is the last time we got rain the open hallways got wet and the carpet is 1 year old and now there is...
  6. Jose Rodriguez

    Carpet and Upholstery cleaning for insurance company

    I have a project that started today. I got hired by a fire water restoration company to clean 29 apartments carpet and upholstery, they have hire me on the past to extract water from flood emergencies, can anyone help me please and give me an advice on how much to charge them for carpet cleaning...
  7. Jose Rodriguez

    El Diablo

    What do you guys think of this Diablo, is used but its been rebuild, I have my eye on it. It comes with a Kerosene burner.
  8. Jose Rodriguez

    Travertine with topic sealer help please, witch is the fastest method of removal?

    I have a proposal I need to do for 640 sf of travertine with topic sealer on it, how much is a proper charge per sf? And the fastest method to remove the sealer? He wants an estimate for cleaning and removal of sealer only, and another one for all and polish.
  9. Jose Rodriguez

    Who is extremely busy, that you have to give jobs away?

    Lately I have been booked 2 weeks in advance and is difficult to book more appointment because I only have a full time employee and a partime employee, this has been going on for a while, what can I do to not loose more leads because I'm so busy, any advice from the veterans.
  10. Jose Rodriguez

    Gas prices how much?

    I am putting in gas tank every day $50, that is almost $1,200 in gas per month, I work 6 days per week. How much $ are you spending in gas?
  11. Jose Rodriguez

    TMF ride along video helped me a lot.

    Thanks Rob for such a great video, not only has helped us but has increase our confidence, 10 minutes before starting any job we talk to the customer and do a walk trough the hole house, ask for concerns they have, I talk to them of different stains in the carpet and set their expectations to...
  12. Jose Rodriguez

    I am not giving up, This bussines has changed my life completetly.

    I enter this bussines about 3 years ago, and it totally change for good my entire life financially I'm loving it.
  13. Jose Rodriguez

    I need help, is anyone here close to Hacienda Hights for a carpet cleaning at 4pm tomorrow

    I have a customer needing carpet cleaning in hacienda hights tomorrow at 4pm, I'm booked up to my ears tomorrow I can't make it, any help.
  14. Jose Rodriguez

    Red wine in a white microfiber sofa

    One of my customers just call me now that they spilled red wine in their white microfiber sofa, how will I approach that, any advice. Can I use stain magic and iron? How much should I charge?
  15. Jose Rodriguez

    Workers Comp

    I just got an aprove bid for a management company with about 500 buildings And they are asking me for workers comp insurance, I only have liability insurance, can any one give me an idea of how much is workers comp per month with only one e mployee.
  16. Jose Rodriguez

    Upholstery Drying Time

    Hi there every body, I wan to know how long should a sofa take to dry like a microfiber material or corduroy, I normally use my scientific saphire upholstery tool and my truck mount, I don't use fans to speed drying. What should be a normal no speed drying time?
  17. Jose Rodriguez

    Carpet Picture Contest Wand Thanks Truck Mount Forum

    I want to thanks Rob and all the TMF staff for choosing me as a winner for the contrast before and after carpet cleaning picture, honestly I was not expecting to win, this new wand has made a huge difference for me. I have a rotovact but honestly I use my wand 80% of the time. Keep up the good...
  18. Jose Rodriguez

    Is anyone here that service Oxnard California

    I have a lead for an estimate for tile and grout cleanig in Port Hueneme, ca 93041
  19. Jose Rodriguez


    Is this a good encapsulation machine for some one that is going to start encapping
  20. Jose Rodriguez

    Discount for customers that call every 3 Months for carpet cleaning.

    What kind of discount do you give to your E3M customer base? For example: Lady pays for a carpet cleaning service $279 total, than she calls you back in three months and there after she keeps calling you every 3 months for Total of 4 visits a year, besides she refers you to good 3 customers...
  21. Jose Rodriguez


    is it really necesary to use a rinsing solution? or just the prespraying solution and rinse with hot water only from the truck mount?