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  1. CleanSteps LLC

    Cimex Model and serial location

    Can someone post a picture of the location. Purchased one and can't locate it.
  2. CleanSteps LLC

    Steal of the day!!

    $120.00 host. Picked it up today. Old and dirty. Cleaned up well and works like new.
  3. CleanSteps LLC

    Rx-20 For sale

    It comes with T&G head that's not in the best condition as it was used for just agitation. I do have the cap it's actually getting powder coated in the morning. It has the 5 jet old style star assembly. Works like a charm. Make me an offer. Also open to trades.
  4. CleanSteps LLC

    Mytee Dry upholstery tool

    First time disassembling completely for cleaning and the damn screw head broke taking the stainless plate off. So cheaply made this tool continuously disappoints me.
  5. CleanSteps LLC

    Bad a$$ stair tool

    Just got this bad boy in the mail today. Had only one staircase today but it's already top two in stair tools I've ever used. Tony Dang really killed it with this beast. If it had a swivel it would be #1 by miles. 2", light weight, sight glass, and just a sexy beast!!! Looking for to some more...
  6. CleanSteps LLC

    TMF app issues.

    For some reason the two step verification is and has been on the fritz for me for a while now. It sends me a code to verify well actually it sends me multiple codes and none work. @RobAllen can you just remove the two step verification? It's not worth the problems.
  7. CleanSteps LLC

    ISO Zipper

    Anyone have a used zipper they want to sell? Let me know, I'm in the market.
  8. CleanSteps LLC

    1.5" 2jet stainless enclosed wand for sale

    So I've been messaging MW to get a model on the wand as it came from magicwand. They don't sell this wand it's a custom build. They said they can make it for $547 and $40 shipping. It's a great wand but my ergo titanium finally arrived so this is no longer needed. Does $320 shipped sound fair?
  9. CleanSteps LLC

    Price help

    What do you guys charge per hour for furniture manipulation and trash removal on water jobs?
  10. CleanSteps LLC

    How to mount TH tile spinner?

    I'm pretty sure I seen a post on this one time but I can't find it. How have you guys mounted your spinners? Pics would be great.
  11. CleanSteps LLC

    Anyone know what want this is?

    I originally thought it was a buttercup, but I can't find anything where they made one with a ergo trigger. It does have a MWC sticker on it. Can't find it on their site though.
  12. CleanSteps LLC

    Not sure it's a smart idea

    So there is a guy who just started up cleaning carpets in my area. He is advertising on Facebook only currently. His advertising headline states two words I believe should never be used. CHEAP & QUICK. Out of sheer curiosity I messaged him for a quote as he requested people to text. He has no...
  13. CleanSteps LLC

    Not bad for a $150 live reel.

    This thing is nice. I just wish I would've gotten one size smaller. Hell it would've been even cheaper.
  14. CleanSteps LLC

    Show off your field protection!!!

    I know I'm not the only one who carries while in the field. I often do jobs in very sketchy areas so I make sure I'm protected. Let's see those weapons.
  15. CleanSteps LLC

    602abc Water Softener?

    Has anyone bought one of his portables? How are they if so? Need to get one ordered and his prices are nice.
  16. CleanSteps LLC

    ISO Ergo titanium wand.

    Anyone have a used one they want to sell? If I have to buy it new I will. Used would be my preference as I'm stretching the funds as it is already.
  17. CleanSteps LLC

    Looking for a new steamer.

    So when my van was stolen, one of the items was my black and decker steamworks stripper. Loved it btw. Wanted to reach out as I'm putting everything back in order. Is this this the #1 choice in red stains or has a new and improved steamer emerged?
  18. CleanSteps LLC

    Help inspecting a vehicle and unit in New York.

    Found a unit I'm very interested in. Location is in Depew. So suburbs of buffalo. If there is anyone in that area willing to check it out for me it would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to save some money on airfare.
  19. CleanSteps LLC

    Looking for a turnkey Cleanco set up.

    I'm in the market for a complete set up. The whole 9yards. Reals, hoses, wand etc. I will travel.
  20. CleanSteps LLC

    Stolen Truck

    Here is a link to the story the local news ran on the theft of my van. Some of the items to be on the lookout for is a titanium ergo wand that is marked. It has a star etched in the metal of the handle mount. Also I had a Stanley Steemer stair tool and upholstery...
  21. CleanSteps LLC

    Red vomit???

    I know this topic has been discussed multiple times before. But never actually got a finalized solution. I am currently dealing with five medium to large red vomit stains from an animal. I've used red relief with the steamer, as well as letting the red relief sit and dwell for eight hours. And...
  22. CleanSteps LLC

    Help with a price.

    Needing to get a rough idea on what I should charge for a tear out. All carpet, pad, tacs, and transitions. I will be moving all furniture. Also the carpet is ringworm fungus infected. I'm looking for a good per sq ft price. I was thinking .50 per sq ft due to the contamination aspect of it...
  23. CleanSteps LLC

    Ringworm fungus???

    So I know I should be ok with using Microban to attack the fungus. But I'm curious if there is something else, or better to use? Thanks everyone.
  24. CleanSteps LLC

    2003 Chevy express 3500 with Compact 47 unit belt???

    I currently have a 2003 express 3500 with a cleanco compact 47. I am running a gatorback 4061203 serpentine belt. I am wanting to reconnect the ac. Need to know what belt size is needed. Thanks
  25. CleanSteps LLC

    Need Cleanco advice. Over heating

    To start it off. Van and unit have been running top notch. since the temps outside have gone up. My van has been running hot. Hasn't redlined but gets close. The temp goes up while driving. Goes down to normal temps when cleaning unit is running. Does this sound like a water pump issue? Need...