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    Vapor steam

    Some steam systems not only put out super heated dry vapor steam for sanitizing surfaces but they also feature an adjustable injection system. This is ideal for an array of soaps and DISINFECTANTS. Steam alone is an amazing sanitizer but you can add a huge variety of powerful disinfectants to...
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    Vapor steam

    Cleaning of surfaces before spraying disinfects is a must. We have an opportunity to use vapor steam as a cleaner and disinfectant No PPE required and can be accomplished in one step I would still use gloves and a paper mask No need to buy expensive supplies Vapor steam could also be used...
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    Maybe gloves micorban Shoe protectors Clean equipment Just a thought
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    Are you doing anything different?
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    Shake & Rake baby!

    I have used dry compound on traffic lanes and such. It can work very well. I do not use it for the whole house just certain things spots. I know I am a losser, so no need to comment
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    Microfiber Towels | Suggestions or Tips

    Direct Mop Sales
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    Vinyl flooring or Carpet

    DOMESTIC CHEMICALS Children who grow up in houses with all vinyl flooring or living room sofas that contain flame retardants called PBDEs have higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals in their bodies than other kids, a study finds.
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    Oreck Orbital, A Better Pad Driver

    Grind down the tips then glue Velcro pad Been doing this for 15 years Works great
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    It's here

    Walmart is literally dragging robotic technology into the dirt. The discount giant is streamlining the process of cleaning store floors with the use of autonomous floor scrubbers powered by the BrainOS computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) platform from BrainCorp. The rollout of...
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    Vapor Steamer

    Vapor rino for sure
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    Steamin Demon instead of Rug Pit

    A rug pit takes up more room and water. Use a CRB to scrub then high water flow with Steamin Demon Faster and simple to use.
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    Steamin Demon instead of Rug Pit

    Why not use a Steamin Demon instead of Rug Pit? Rug Pit takes up lot of space and water. Crb and then Steamin Demon A lot simpler
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    Dymon Liquid Alive
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    CRB vs OP

    Use crb then only op the bad area's Work smarter not harder!
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    AFT Bonnet Pro

    Very confusing. So just encapulation But thanks for your answer
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    AFT Bonnet Pro

    It’s not encapsulation, it’s not protector… It’s the next evolution in carpet care technology I read article , still not getting it.
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    Vapor steam carpet

    Have they made headway with vapor sreaming carpet equipment Maybe a OP with vapor steam?
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    For decades, American consumers have been buying water-resistant packaging and clothing, stain-resistant carpets and Teflon cookware. Now there is growing alarm that the chemical components that give those products their appeal are ending up in the water supply. Drinking water in 33 states from...