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  1. Jeff Marek

    Tile and grout cleaning

    Got a Gekko 4 jet brush head recently, want to use it in a job later in the week. Anyone use one regularly and at what PSI do you clean with? TIA
  2. Jeff Marek

    2.5 inch hose

    Anyone know were I can purchase a 10 foot piece of 2.5 inch vacuum hose? I found 3 inch and 2 inch now I need 2.5... TIA
  3. Jeff Marek

    Portable Equipment for sale

    Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment Lot All items are in great working & clean condition- Great for adding to your already established business, custodial needs or for a new business start up! $1,500 FIRM for entire Lot Serious inquiries only PM for details Mytee Speedster Deluxe Model...
  4. Jeff Marek


    Looking for suggestions on size jets to use and configuration. Thinking about 11001”s on the outside, and 11002”s on the inside. I have a 4 jet titanium Westpak TIA
  5. Jeff Marek


    Looking for suggestions on size jets to use and configuration. Thinking about 11001”s on the outside, and 11002”s on the inside. I have a 4 jet titanium Westpak TIA
  6. Jeff Marek


    Looking to hang my Gecko wand and other things off the ceiling of my Ford van, anyone have any suggestions? Trying not to have stuff falling everywhere when we go over rougher roads... TIA
  7. Jeff Marek


    Recommendations for cat urine removal from a mattress. Pillow top Queen, do you soak it or inject it with your favorite OSR? TIA
  8. Jeff Marek


    Who makes the best glides for the money?
  9. Jeff Marek

    Cleaning in the rain

    I always try and park at least 20 feet from my customers home, ( fire safety and carbon monoxide concerns ) but during rain storms it’s a hassle. What’s your experience and how do you handle the rain?
  10. Jeff Marek

    Bad to worse!

    So, the scary scenario that every carpet cleaner dreads, happened to me yesterday. I’m cleaning away, my helper just came back from the truck when all of a sudden NO SUCTION, NO SOLUTION, NO NOISE FROM THE TRUCK!!! After 2 hours of going over my checklist of possible reasons this could’ve...
  11. Jeff Marek

    Bio Pro 10k

    Finally got a nasty I could use the Bio on, take a look ( Good stuff Rob! )
  12. Jeff Marek

    Small area strip and wax

    We just got a pizza restaurant carpet clean, and the owner wants to know if we could strip and wax the take-out foyer. I told him we don’t do much s&w but would do this for him. What’s the going rate these days (I’m thinking $10sqft about 150sqft). Would appreciate input!
  13. Jeff Marek

    Got my RSF and BIO-PROK10 today

    Can’t wait to test these products out! If they are as good as everyone claims, it will rectify a lot of choice making when it comes to what we carry on the truck. Simplicity is time and money saving!!!
  14. Jeff Marek

    Winter is here up North

    How do you avoid freeze ups during winter cleaning? What’s your water source? I may just shut down until spring?! Thoughts, suggestions, advice welcome.
  15. Jeff Marek

    Rotovac sheardry

    Anyone have this upholstery tool and how do you like it? I’m going away from the bulky SS upholstery tool and want to go with something like this?!
  16. Jeff Marek

    Upholstery cleaning

    Stepping up my game on upholstery, need the right tool to help me! Suggestions appreciated, what’s your tool of choice?
  17. Jeff Marek

    What’s your “go to” spotter?

    I use Avenge Pro by Bridgepoint systems. It handles almost everything!
  18. Jeff Marek

    Why do I do this to myself??

    Let me preface this by saying my company does not work on Sundays normally!! I get a call from a customer wanting a quote, I tell him we could give him a guesstimate over the phone and then finalize on the day of the cleaning. ( dozens of times customers have given me alternate info, so we...
  19. Jeff Marek

    Dog skunked?

    Anyone have a customer with a dog that got skunk funk on their carpets and if so what do you use to get the odor out?
  20. Jeff Marek

    Hardwood floor help?!

    We usually don't do hardwood floors as we don't have the room in the van and don't get many calls, and frankly don't have much experience! I have an elderly lady whose carpets we've cleaned, asking me to clean and polish her hardwood floors. Any advice or tips would be appreciated!!
  21. Jeff Marek

    How many companies use packages?

    Thinking of going with a new strategy, doing away with a price list and going with a Standard, Special and Ultimate packages? Anyone else use this formula for pricing, and what do you include??
  22. Jeff Marek

    Rust stain

    Customer had a chair stuck to her carpets from the last CC that cleaned for her. I tried my normal rust treatment but it didn't budge! Anyone have options on how to treat or is it a cut and patch?
  23. Jeff Marek

    First year with a truckmount in the COLD!!!

    This post is for the CC's who have to deal with freezing temps. How do you guys handle the cold? Avoiding frozen lines, water sources, protecting your cleaning solutions and protectors etc... Do you leave the van running during the cleaning? Looking for suggestions to avoid any major damage to...
  24. Jeff Marek

    Replacing hoses!

    When I got my used truckmount, I was supplied with a brand new solution line, but my vacuum hose was USED. I'm looking to replace with a more flexible lighter weight hose, any and all suggestions welcome!!
  25. Jeff Marek

    Newbie to tile and grout?!

    I have a HF SX-15, a gecko wand with a few tools, and a TCS chief truckmount. What's my best approach to add this to my services?