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    Vapor steam

    Cleaning of surfaces before spraying disinfects is a must. We have an opportunity to use vapor steam as a cleaner and disinfectant No PPE required and can be accomplished in one step I would still use gloves and a paper mask No need to buy expensive supplies Vapor steam could also be used...
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    Are you doing anything different?
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    Vinyl flooring or Carpet

    DOMESTIC CHEMICALS Children who grow up in houses with all vinyl flooring or living room sofas that contain flame retardants called PBDEs have higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals in their bodies than other kids, a study finds.
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    It's here

    Walmart is literally dragging robotic technology into the dirt. The discount giant is streamlining the process of cleaning store floors with the use of autonomous floor scrubbers powered by the BrainOS computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) platform from BrainCorp. The rollout of...
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    Steamin Demon instead of Rug Pit

    A rug pit takes up more room and water. Use a CRB to scrub then high water flow with Steamin Demon Faster and simple to use.
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    Steamin Demon instead of Rug Pit

    Why not use a Steamin Demon instead of Rug Pit? Rug Pit takes up lot of space and water. Crb and then Steamin Demon A lot simpler
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    AFT Bonnet Pro

    It’s not encapsulation, it’s not protector… It’s the next evolution in carpet care technology I read article , still not getting it.
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    Vapor steam carpet

    Have they made headway with vapor sreaming carpet equipment Maybe a OP with vapor steam?
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    For decades, American consumers have been buying water-resistant packaging and clothing, stain-resistant carpets and Teflon cookware. Now there is growing alarm that the chemical components that give those products their appeal are ending up in the water supply. Drinking water in 33 states from...
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    How much Copolymer is real on the carpet. Let's say their is 10% Copolymer in a gallon undiluted That leaves us 12.8 oz per gallon We dilute in 4oz to gallon ready to use prespray We now have 0.4 oz of Copolymer per gallon of ready-to-use to use prespray Let's say we do 400 sqft per gallon to...
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    Best crb for residential

    Looking for best deal on tm3 CRB 10inch I would like to know how much they weight? I have the 20inch CRB but a little too much for residential sometimes Maybe I need the 15inch CRB ? Thoughts, please which way to go. Thanks
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    Procyon CRB?.?

    Please don't take this as a negative slant toward a competitive product. Procyon has a good reputation and I know a lot of cleaners enjoy using it. By all means, if you like Procyon - keep using it. But DON'T use it with your CRB machine. Procyon will work great in many applications, but it can...
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    Pet odor Anyone use this system What do you think about system
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    Encapulation with procyon

    As compared to the other encapsulation cleaners, Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner (as well as the complete line of Soap Free Procyon Cleaning Products) is a non detergent based cleaner. Procyon contains nonionic surfactant, water softeners and natural degreasers. There are no toxic ingredients...
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    Cell phones

    Where do you carry your cell phone went carpet cleaning?
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    Chemeisters Proliminator, Sunshine

    Any one beside me use this ? I think it out performs
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    PRO 10K bonnet vlm

    I am using pro-10k with vlm bonnet cleaning Carpet are cleaning up great Then going over with encapsulated protector Has anyone done this? Thanks
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    PRO 10K

    Pro 10-K. It's been labeled as the best prespray on the market Do you agree?
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    Air wave vs ramair

    What is the diffence? Is the vacuum box the same? Air wave or ramair which on is better?
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    Why did we stop using argosheen? Argosheen. when I used it was a holy grail of pre-sprays. It got out a lot of stains, and cleaned the best on any type of carpet. It did not leave a residue but left the carpet baby soft clean. It did not require as much OPing as the newer pre-sprays do. It...