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  1. CleaningBROS

    UV Light, shipping to UK?

    Hey Rob, I wondered if you ship goods to UK at all? I’m particularly interested in your uv light. I know that Solutions Cornwal sell some of your products but not sure abou the uv light? Cheers Emil
  2. CleaningBROS

    Prochem Powerburst

    Power butst absolutely kills wool fibres, it’s ph 12!!! If you are to use a Prochem product go for Pre-spray gold, ph 8 or similar and Woolsafe approved. Although not specialist rug product i have used prespray gold on fine wool handmade rugs many times with hteat results and no damage caused...
  3. CleaningBROS

    Upholstery dry cleaning

    Yed, I too apply it by sprayer and lightly agitate if necessary and then i extract.
  4. CleaningBROS

    Upholstery dry cleaning

    It has to be a portable machine with special hot solvent circuit as pump on ordinary HWE porty will get damaged by the solvent. Also if the machine has an exaust pipe at the back fumes can be vented out of the building so odour will be limited. Also double respirator mask is a must