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    Event Upholstery pre-agitation tool shoot out!

    Search for this one in Canada
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    Anyone know of good waste pump? Read on here couple years back of harbor freight one that will do the job?

    Been using one of these for over two years now with no issues. A pump with similar specs would do the job.
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    New type of cyber threats

    This message was sent to us through our contact page. Has anyone received a message like this before? How did you deal with it? I've edited the message, our website address is replaced by ... ___________________________________ Your reputation and business are at stake! We on your behalf...
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    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other

    He's spent too much time on this rug already, hose it down, hang it to dry, then spray acid rinse on the fringes when half dried, keep it simple.
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    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other

    Hang it on the fence and hose it down until all the sand comes out, then leave it in the sun till it dries. That's how they wash Persian rugs in Iran.
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    Blood or Urine?

    It was synthetic dye, all good. Customer was moving in and thought it was pet urine.
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    Blood or Urine?

    Thanks for your response. I'll find out tomorrow when I do the job.
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    Blood or Urine?

    Sorry, my router crashed while trying to upload the pics. Trying one more time
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    Blood or Urine?

    I asked the customer if it was blood and he said that it was pet urine? What do you guys think?
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    Meet the Bentley Pro Speed Wand

    Would love to see more videos before buying one.
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    What spotter would you recommend for removing fake tan stains?

    Hi, my client wants me to remove fake tan stains from her mattress. she's tried removing it by using Vanish carpet cleaner to no avail. The stain has set in obviously. Now which one of these spotters would be most effective for this job? (My local supplier sells these.) I haven't used these...