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  1. davenjai

    Prochem Performer pressure regulator

    Mine was leaking, so I ordered a new one. It is an all brass Suttner and looks nothing like the old one with the plastic handle. I have bought all sorts of fitting and things will not line up without hacking the machine. Anyone swapped one?
  2. davenjai

    Karastan floral Kirman wanted

    I have a client looking for a long runner, 12+'. It seems that the style has been discontinued. You never know, so I am throwing it out here.
  3. davenjai

    Dog body odor

    Do any of you know of an effective, odorless treatment for dog body odor?
  4. davenjai

    The cat urine and mold rug.

    The possibly soon to be infamous cat pee and mold rug. The cat peed on the rug, so they rolled it up and put it on the porch. He was going to bring it to the shop, he did not. He calls for pick up, upon inspection I noticed the end was wet, so I unrolled some of it. The whole back had HUGE bands...
  5. davenjai

    I did it now!

    Polyester drapery: some spots became visible after drying. Came back today and applied a vds/solvent to the spots, the solvent made rings! I rinsed with water, applied and rinsed out alkaline spotter, no difference. Applied peroxide, no difference. I am keeping it mostly wet while sparingly...
  6. davenjai


    I thought this turned out well. I used patience, a hammer, putty knife and hot water.
  7. davenjai

    Memory foam mattress

    There was a thread, yet I can not find it nor remember the consensus. I have a client with an eldery father who has urinated on it. I will probably OSR it and extract. Any one know why I should not?
  8. davenjai

    Cleaners in Georgia

    I was just thinking that we should network. You never know when a huge job or catastrophic breakdown/injury could occur. I am 30 minutes southwest of Atlanta. Info below. Chime in!
  9. davenjai


    I was just wondering if any of you clean for free the home of the boss/decision maker of big commercial jobs? This would be for jobs you already do, not ones you are trying to get. Why? Why not?
  10. davenjai

    Fels Naptha

    A client tracked some unknown greasy substance from the garage through the house. She walked across the wool rugs into the bedroom. I tried several products on the bedroom nylon carpet and the fels was the only one to remove the stains. My litmus paper has gone the way of the Dodo. Anyone know...
  11. davenjai


    If anyone has not noticed, they have changed the name to OSR XD and the dilution ratio. Instead of 8oz per gallon it is now 6.5oz.
  12. davenjai


    Will duplicates on the same sites hurt? Some have grabbed a different Suite letter and even a secondary phone number.
  13. davenjai

    Malware alerts

    OK! I am about to crack. There is some kind of Google script running on TMF. Avast is having a hissy fit. Next page, alert! Back page, alert! New posts, alert! It has gone from occasional to non stop. Anyone else with this issue? New thread, alert! Aagghh! This is the URL...
  14. davenjai

    Save lives! Yes, really!!

    Amex is covering the cost of registering for the marrow donation registry through the end of January if you're interested in signing up to potentially be a donor. They mail you a kit with cotton swabs, and you send them back a cheek swab. You do not need to have an American Express card. If...
  15. davenjai


    O'Reilly calls President Obama the n-word when he thought they were at a commercial break. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. davenjai

    Spot dyeing

    The big one was fist sized. I add one color at a time till I like it.
  17. davenjai


    All these slow threads have me jealous! No I am not kidding. Along with a multitude of Christmas clients, we have a 40,000 sq ft conference centers carpet to do. Just talked to a guy about an all weekend vct and carpet job, it's booked for this Sat. Did a foot in the door estimate the other day...
  18. davenjai

    I'm fragile

    Is there anyway that I can get someone to read all the posts for me? I would then like that same person to forward me only the posts that I want to read. This person must know what I want to read. I would prefer to randomly choose this person from an large group of strangers. It would be best...
  19. davenjai


    Thought I would say it. Was searching for an alternative to a 300. water pump for my Nissan and stumbled across here (thanks again Ara). Been around cleaning since I was 12 and know pretty much everything:bigsmiley: We have a one truck Mom & Pop. Do houses only and work from about 10 AM to 4...