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    What kind of floor is this and how should I clean it?

    Hey guys, looking for some advice. The photo attached is from one of our commercial clients, trying to figure out what kind of floor this is and what the best way to service it would be. Their previous cleaning service says the floor is cork, but the client says its pressed linseed. I'm thinking...
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    Commercial Kitchen Floor Degreasing Options

    Hey cleaners, hoping to get some advice. Just got a new commercial client with a very greasy kitchen. Thinking I might need some new equipment, some kind of steam cleaner. Would really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
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    Hiring Service? Good experiences, bad experiences?

    I have just started working with hiring service. They want $22/hr for an employee being paid $13/hr. That does cover all taxes. They have a 4 hour minimum. For a long term hire they want 480 hrs paid and then they turn them over to you. If an employee doesn't work out they will replace them for...
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    WorkBelts, GameChanger! What's your biggest overnight GameChanger?

    What's you're overnight game changer (or not overnight) but aha moment that has saved you sweat, time, and money. My god, I strapped on a Husky HandyBelt a year ago and my life is changed. I always have my razor, my scrub brush, my handbrush, my toothbrush, garbage bags (lg & sm), air...
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    Wonderland Cleaning - Refreshing an Old Business, An Introduction

    I am a small business owner. I have operated my business for 8 years, since before I was 18. I have 4 almost full time employees and myself. I am just starting to try out a hiring service because of the hassle of finding decent humans. I do light carpet cleaning with a (laugh away) Rug Doctor...