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  1. Qbguru1987

    Bio Break with VLM?

    Can you use a powdered cleaner like BioBreak with Citrus for a bonnet type cleaning? I don't HWE extract after. Only groom the carpets with rake. I used Matrix miracle today and seemed to work well on a bunch of pet urine. i just don't want to use something like BioBreak and it discolors the...
  2. Qbguru1987

    Jaguar Cub like new for sale

    I have a like new(used 2 times) Jaguar Cub 6.6 for sale. Machine only. I cant get refunded by cross American so I am selling it at a loss. I just received it by ups on 6/26/2020. Ordered June 12. My loss your gain $700 buyer pays shipping
  3. Qbguru1987

    Jaguar Cub: Ed Valentine

    Today, I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Valentine today and it was a real treat. He spent over an hour of his time explaining to me the details on his Jaguar Cub. I am sure he is a very busy man, but he took his time to talk with me about the carpet cleaning business in general. I ordered...
  4. Qbguru1987

    Portable Making funny sounds! Help

    I have a Ninja 400 classic, 500 psi with heater. At the end of a job today it started making a wierd noise. Almost sounded like a crunching sound or like a popcorn machine making popcorn. I took it home and made the noise for a minute but let it run for a minute with the vacs and pump on and...
  5. Qbguru1987

    Matrix all fiber rinse

    Hey guys I just bought some Matrix all fiber rinse. It has excellent reviews and a good price. However, I noticed that it has a prop 65 attachment to it. That a certain chemical in it can cause cancer or birth defects. This is extremely concerning to me and I am considering not using it. I...
  6. Qbguru1987

    Where to store chemicals?

    Is it a bad idea to store chemicals in hallway closet in the apartment? I don't have a garage. I do have a small patio but gets hot during the day. I work out of my SUV, but also not sure if it is a bad idea to store chemicals in there, where it gets hot. Does chemicals vapor or smell seep...
  7. Qbguru1987


    I am on to researching and buying chemicals and this part to me, is confusing. I am just getting all things together to start my training on my carpets and family's. There are an overwhelming amount of chemicals out there. Would you guys consider Pre spray the most important chemical? It seems...
  8. Qbguru1987

    Cub vs Mytee

    Hello Guys, I have a budget of 4-5k, will be running business with my Dodge Durango SUV. I would prefer TM but I am not sure my budget will allow that. I used to have a successful one man detailing company. My hourly rate only was around $20-25 per hour. I believe I can make more with carpet...