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  1. boho44

    Grout Master on Natural Stone Question

    Hello everyone, hope you're all safe and sound. I don't really do cleaning and sealing without resurfacing but I have a large job coming up and have a few questions. The floor consists of approximately 3500 sq ft of Eramosa limestone. The hotel owner is requesting to have it cleaned and sealed...
  2. boho44

    Salt Stains on Interlock

    Hey guys. What are you using to remove salt stains on interlock? Thanks!
  3. boho44

    House Wash

    I have a heritage house that a client of mine would like cleaned. It was in a fire so there is some soot damage. I focus on stone restoration but this is a good client of mine so I would like to do the job. I have a 3500 4gpm belt drive landa pw. What products do you recommend and what about...
  4. boho44

    Trouble pricing this job.

    We usually do small residential job or commercial, nothing ever close to this size. 6700 square feet of limestone at the Mandarin head office and flagship banquet hall. I've attached some pictures. Various cracks some hairline, others a bit larger. Traffic areas will need a grind. At least...
  5. boho44

    Green Pads for Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Anyone use these types of pads? I got the Clarke square oscillator. Here's one made of astroturf Here's another one
  6. boho44

    Stone Guys - How do you sell your services?

    It's nice when a potential customer calls and you go do a quote. I'm talking about walking up to designers, fabricators, real estate agents, builders, installers (what else am I missing??) I want to get out there with a type of brochure and try to gain referrals. What do you guys do? Do you...
  7. boho44

    Tape prep for countertops.

    Hey guys. What's your process for taping countertops? When we work on a large kitchen tape is the biggest expense lol. We use multiple layers and create a chanel for the water to sit when working close to the edge. Also prevent splatter. It's time consuming and tape isn't cheap! Curious to see...
  8. boho44

    Rust on Marble

    What do you guys use to remove rust on Marble or other stones? Thanks Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  9. boho44

    Our job can be down right nasty sometimes!!

    Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. boho44

    Enhancing sealer on exterior black granite

    I have a customer with black granite along the edge of her salt water pool. She is complaining that the salt from her pool has been breaking down previous sealers and the granite isn't as black as it used to be. I use tenax ager and many applications but even they said that nothing will...
  11. boho44

    Informing the public about stone restoration

    I was in a spa getting a much needed massage this morning. As soon as I walked in, I looked at the flooring as I usually do. Travertine galore. This place was big, a massive open reception area, an office, two washrooms and about six separate rooms. The travertine was filthy and no surprise has...
  12. boho44

    Bidding on commercial work

    Hey there. I have been in business for myself for 2.5 years doing stone restoration. We do high end residential and some work for a few developers. I'm happy with where I am at but I would really like to get some maintenance contracts. Lobbies, hotels, casinos etc. I have no idea where to...
  13. boho44


    Anyone have luck with grinding and Polishing this? Not supposed to stain or scratch but that's not what I'm seeing. New condo has caesarstone kitchen counters in all the suites and they are destroyed. Scratches and stains everywhere. I ground thre scratch out fine but I can still see my...
  14. boho44

    Stainless Steel

    I been thinking about adding stainless steel restoration to my business. Scratch removal, etches, burns etc. Anyone have experience with this or know where I could find some training? Thanks
  15. boho44

    Cement bleeding through marble.

    Anyone experience an issue like this? How did you remove the dark spots? Thanks
  16. boho44

    Difference between monkey pads and synergy pads?

    I was trained with the monkey pad system but I am having a tough time ordering them. Are they the same as the synergy pads? Thanks
  17. boho44

    Before and after pics

    Hi. I have been doing stone restoration with a company for the past year to get experience. I am partnering up with someone who has been doing stone restoration for 6yrs at a larger company. We are friends and since I have a good knowledge of exterior pressure washing and restoration we decided...
  18. boho44

    Advice appreciated

    Ok. I am finally entering the interior hard surface restoration business. I have a cold Landa belt drive pressure washer on a bed slide in the back of my covered cab on my truck. I have tnhe water jet surface cleaner. Exterior wise, I am set up and enjoyed my first summer of business :) I...
  19. boho44

    Portable strictly for hard surface cleaning.

    Venturing into the tile and grout cleaning and I have no equipment but I have 3 jobs (friends) that want there floors cleaned. I have read that heat isn't necessary for TG cleaning and running hot water through the pump can cause damage. Are there portables that heat the water after running...
  20. boho44

    Learning the trade, starting the buisness

    Hope everyone has been busy cleaning! A little about myself. I am 23 living in north Toronto. I want my buisness to offer complete cleaning and restoration of both the interior and exterior. Mainly residential for now. (a lot of $ and niiiice homes around me) I just finished a 2 day hard...
  21. boho44

    New to the buisness...advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope everyone has been busy cleaning! A little about myself. I am 23 living in north Toronto. I have gotten into some trouble earlier in my life but I have manned up and now am going legit and starting my own business. I want my buisness to offer complete cleaning and restoration of both the...