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  1. johnp94

    Looking to buy equipment

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to star duct cleaning in Florida. I want to get a negative air machine. Where to purchase ? Where do I purchase the big air compressor that is needed. Looks like Home Depot doesn’t sell it. What else is a must ?
  2. johnp94

    I love the Mytee lite 8070 - i want to change vac motor.

    I cleaned alot of wool carpet this week with it. 100 psi was plenty. The single stage vac was great with short hose run, 10 -14 feet. I want to put one dual stage vac in it. Will this be easy, or any consequences. I removed the heater to make it lighter and i dont use it. Is their a 150 psi pump...
  3. johnp94

    I Have the new Mytee portable, I’m having shut off issues ( foam )

    I have the newest 1005. It has the stage 3 new vac motors. It will trip the gfi. When I reset it it will constantly trip as soon as I plug the cord in. I’m thinking foam is getting in the vac and causing a short. I also have the Mytee booster that has the same two vac stage 3 vac motors and...
  4. johnp94

    New Mytee 1005dx ?

    I have the last model 1005dx. Works great but its starting to look worn. I will either get the same or the newest version of 1005DX. Looks like newer version is 20 lbs heavier, the rubber wheels make it harder to pull up the stairs compared to the plastic ( maybe depends on size ). Regulator is...
  5. johnp94

    Update on Todds rebuilt homemade TM ?

    How is the revamped TM holding up. Do you still use it ? Is it running good ?
  6. johnp94

    How do I get a postcard mailer to each resident via eddm

    What info should I have while addressing eddm sales person to have every resident of these buildings receive a post card mailer ? Or is their another method ?
  7. johnp94

    Afraid to scotchgaurd upholstery

    I’ve aleays been afraid to scotchgaurd upholstery because I feel it’s safer to have a quick dry time. I’m going to push into the very high upscale clientele. I know the cleaners for that market are applying scotchgaurd to upholstery. What do you think ? Light mist and set fans ?
  8. johnp94

    Crocking on white leather

    White leather vehicle interior. How many times does it take for a white leather seat to show crocking from blue jeans. Just once or after a build up of multiple sittings. Can crocking be removed or is it permanent. What product to use for removal if it’s possible.
  9. johnp94

    Difference between Mytee 8070 and 8070 ||

    What is the difference between Mytee 8070 and Mytee 8070 ||
  10. johnp94

    WTB Mytee lite 8070

    Looking to buy Mytee lite 8070 in mint condition. ( needs to look good in customers home ). Offer is $600 shipped to Florida. Text 561/373-345seven. Eastern time. I'm in West Palm Beach Fl.
  11. johnp94

    Funny stuff, who's to blame. TMF, google or ?

    I got a little chuckle seeing my avatar. My user name was johnp94 same as eBay, Camaro forum and Corvette forum. Without my doing my full name and pic is now my avatar here on TMF. Doesn't bother me at all. Just amazing how modern technology works. I see my user name is the same but my photo on...
  12. johnp94

    Looks like I'm going to Clearwater next week.

    Hello everyone. I'm going to the convention next week. What are the steps needed to participate. Do I go somewhere to sign up, check in, pay for the event, get a pass ?
  13. johnp94

    Will a van with a handicap lift be good for party setup

    ive never looked closely at the handicap van setup. There was one on eBay for sale. Chevy Expres, high top, 6.0. Good because it's a high top, extended is good. I'm wondering if the wheel chair lift is good to load and unload portable and dehumidifiers. I already have a TM box truck. I want to...
  14. johnp94

    Mytee 1005dx loose wire help

    i have a disconnected connector. Which switch should I connect it to. Pump not working and vac 2 not working. All switches have two connectors attached. The red wires are not connected
  15. johnp94

    McDs in house tile cleaning

    I see them using this good tool called the heavy weight. Poor guys using this tool a mop and shop vac. Coming out clean but takes a lot of labor. I like the tool though it is heavy and has 2 inch bristles.
  16. johnp94

    Ltd 5 - m5 - 1005dx, vac motors ?

    I know these units all have high performance dual three stage vacs. Is their any differences in the specs or brand used ? Or all the same ?
  17. johnp94

    Mytee M5 question

    i left my Mytee ltd5 in California. I just bought a used in new condition Mytee M5. auto fill auto dump for $1,200. In Florida Very happy. I ran it for about 5 hours today off of two Honda Eu 2000i generators. Just wondering about the top caving in a little. Will it stay that way or does it get...
  18. johnp94

    I have star fire load range E tires

    i should have got good years . 1 1/2 years old no dry rot. Lucky all survived. Change truck tire, trailer tire. And cut bent exhaust pipe. 2-3 hours later back on the road.
  19. johnp94

    landlord or property management says it will check pad ?

    Hello everyone. I got a call for a potential cLeaning, the lady said the landlord told her when she moves out he will check the pad. If it has a spot she will have to pay for new carpet. I told her he's bluffing. As long as it is clean and deodorized it will be fine. I priced $ 315 for 7 areas...
  20. johnp94

    Craigslist search, entire country ?

    Hello everyone, it seems like I ask this once per year. I want to search all areas of craigslist listing under one domain. It used to be craigslist crawler, then They have been shut down, what is the latest ? Thanks.
  21. johnp94

    Look at this please, tile

    im trying to take haste off this, won't budge, I have this being tile not natural stone. I'm thinking hazy areas are wear and tear. I cleaned this two days ago. Looks like scuff marks sort of what scuffed vct would look like. No more shine. What should I do. Vinegar not doing a thing.
  22. johnp94

    Will an acid ( white vinegar ) discolor brown grout

    Hello everyone. I have a haze left on ceramic tile after cleaning. Brown colored grout in the kitchen. Will the white vinegar I'm going to use discolor ( leave a white residue ) in the grout line ?
  23. johnp94

    It's back on eBay, El Diablo

    I cannot believe this, this was listed two weeks ago. I had it valued at $ 30,000. The highest bid went to $ 35,000 with the reserve not met. Now starting price $ 48,000. I have no idea what the truck cost new. I would never own one. I'm getting used to the looks of the Nissan vans but I think...
  24. johnp94

    FB purchase confirmation ?

    Hello everyone. I submitted my first paid FB advertising. three hours ago. I did not receive any order confirmation in email or PM on FB. On my page boost it says I have -- $ 50. Have others not received purchase confirmation. I was nervous thinking the transaction did not go through.
  25. johnp94

    Hawk brute thread

    Not sure which one to get. $$$ has me debating. 1059 gives me the entire kit. Do I still need to purchase the mighty lock 17 inch pad driver or does the one it comes with have grip to hold pad in place ? If I get 9567 is the top mounting plate holder the only way to keep weights on it ? I...