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  1. Nick P

    New to the forum.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post and I'm looking forward to reading and learning from this forum.
  2. Nick P

    Minuteman port a scrub Help

    Come on guys I know some one out there used one. I have a chance to pick one up for cleaning T&G and rubber flooring. It's the 14" wide one with the 3 gal dirty tank and the 2 1/2 gal solution tank . Any info will help. Thanks.:AddEmoticons04259:
  3. Nick P

    Minuteman Port a scrub machine

    I'm looking into getting one of these machines for T&G, rubber floor cleaning. It's the one thats 14" wide with the 3 gal tank on it. Does anyon use one? What are your thoughts? Nick
  4. Nick P

    Has anyone used Ultra dry products from chem max?

    :AddEmoticons04259: I've been reading some articles about this chemical and system lately and I was just wondering if anyone is using this system and does it really work like it say's it does? Thanks Nick PS. It's Ultra Dry. sorry! Typo! LOL
  5. Nick P

    Getting Bugged from Service Magic

    Recently Service Magic has been calling me asking me to rejoin them. They claim they have a new area for carpet cleaning , cleaning etc for commerical accounts. They charge $26.00 for each lead. Has anyone done this with them yet and how is it working out? Thank you in advance for your...
  6. Nick P

    Happy Thanks giving to everyone!

    Hey everyone, I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday and may you all be blessed with healthy families. Nick
  7. Nick P

    Zipper Jr. vs RV360i

    Okay guys. what is your opinion on these two nice pieces of equipment? Which one would you rather have and why? I'm not looking for anyone to tear them apart just pro's and con's Thanks Nick :AddEmoticons04259::AddEmoticons04259:
  8. Nick P

    What do you think about the Whittaker machines?

    I understand these machines are rated pretty high. Can anyone who has one tell me how well they work? I thinking of getting one for commerical GDC. Thanks Nick
  9. Nick P

    Portable heater for porty's?

    I hear pro's and con's about portable electric heaters. I understand mytee puts out a good product. I have a little giant propane heater that I just got. I was just wondering how much heat the electric one would put out? Nick
  10. Nick P

    Nasty carpet need to be dried fast

    I have a nasty carpet to clean Monday and they need it to be dried fast. So I was thinking Hmm! Encap it! My question is should I use Ricks DS with a white pad? What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance. Nick :AddEmoticons04259:
  11. Nick P

    Sure Step anti-slip

    Has anyone used this product? I understand posi-grip and jonny-grip leave a film and are not that great. I'm looking for a very good anti-slip product. Nick :AddEmoticons04259:
  12. Nick P

    Groom chemicals

    Has anyone tried any of theses chemicals ? I received an email about there chemical line and the prices seam pretty good. But are the chemicals? I believe they are part of Bridgepoint Thanks Nick :confused:
  13. Nick P

    Connections in Florida

    Is connections going to be held in the same location this year? I mean in the basement part of the garage where it was pretty hot, hard to find for some and small. Nick :AddEmoticons04259:
  14. Nick P

    CRB machine

    Can anyone tell me which crb machine is the best to use on comm/ res. for low moisture cleaning? Thanks Nick
  15. Nick P

    Class at interlink supply

    Tehy are giving a 1/2 day class on stone cleaning with bridgepoint products for $75.00. Is it worth it to go? Thanks Nick
  16. Nick P

    Boxer 318

    I may have a chance to pick up a boxer 318 hardly used for a pretty good price, does anyone have any info about them ggod or bad?:AddEmoticons04259: Thanks Nick
  17. Nick P

    What is the best spotting kit?

    I've seen the pro choice kit and the matrix kit and I'm having a hard time wondering which kit is better. What do you use? Nick
  18. Nick P

    Nail polish and remover

    Can anyone tell me the best way to get this out of a carpet? i need to no this cweek. Please help. Thanks Nick:confused:
  19. Nick P

    Prowler PortableTM For Sale

    Anyone looking to buy a Prowler 13hp tm ? It's a 2007 model used less than 15 time. Comes with a wand, 2" vac hose and high pressure hose. Sorry I don't have pictures and I don't know how to down load on my computer. I need to get my son to help. The machine new cost over 6000.00, I paid 4200.00...
  20. Nick P

    prowler 315

    What do you think about this machine? :AddEmoticons04259:
  21. Nick P

    New guy

    Hello, i'm Nick and the newest guy on the forum. Hello everyone!:hi: