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  1. Classicboss

    Tile and Grout cleaning Springfeild Oregon...

    I know of someone looking for a company that can clean a lot of tile & grout in a huge office building in Oregon. She seen my pics of the tile and grout we clean here in NY and was astonished by our video I posted, she says the company that is trying to clean it now is just not doing the job...
  2. Classicboss

    How much would it be worth?

    I have a 1997 white magic truck mount with the 20 hp Kawasaki engine 2900 hours may need to be gone through and checked over have all the tanks and hose reels too... My real question is how much is it worth if I sell it? I have too many projects and not enough time. Just thinking of selling it...
  3. Classicboss

    Whats the name of that new neutralizer?

    There is a new odor neutralizer just released on the market but I can't seem to find it to test it, supposedly you apply it and all odors are gone instantly and for good... maybe It was in one of my dreams lol, but I did see it somewhere and I can't remember where.
  4. Classicboss

    Bubba's sister...

    Bubba's pregnant sister was in a bad car accident, which caused her to fall into a deep coma. After nearly six months, she awoke and saw that she was no longer pregnant. Frantically, she asked the doctor about her baby. The doctor replied, "Ma'am, you had twins - a boy and a...
  5. Classicboss

    Specialty Rug Magazines

    Hello Lisa, I thought I would post this here as it is to do with mostly Oriental/Persian area rugs. Question: are there any magazines (monthly) that has to do with the cleaning and care of area rugs and specialty rugs? could have info on styles, fibers, cleaning, repairing, origins...
  6. Classicboss

    Sales teams

    I was just wondering who has sales teams to help market their services to potential clients. How do they get compensated for their time... Percentage, salary, one time or ongoing residual income for the life of the client plus bonuses. Are your sales team, employees or sub contractors...
  7. Classicboss

    Gadgets for your carpet cleaning business

    What type of tool/gadget Have you made to make your job easier. could be some sort of gadget for your truck (s) or for spotting carpets, or even for your shop or office. I thought this could be fun to see what some of us came up with. I once cut down a carpet magic wand and turned it into a...
  8. Classicboss

    Photo album

    I can't seem to get any new pics to upload to my photo album here on TMF:confused:. any help would be appreciated:cool:
  9. Classicboss


    I'm sure this has been asked many many times, But I'll ask again. What is the absolute best deodorizer (not neutralizer) in your opinion, One that is very pleasing to most clients, one that last for more than 30 mins. after you leave a job. I'm just curious I usually use lemon, cherry or...
  10. Classicboss

    Slide in or direct drive

    I hear allot about slide in systems whats everyone's take on direct drive systems Likes and dislikes.... sounds to me there are allot less maintenance with a direct drive, My next unit I was thinking of purchasing would be a Hydramaster CDS.
  11. Classicboss

    Rug cleaning starter kit by Lisa

    Lisa, I have been to Jon-Don and can't seem to find your rug cleaning starter kit, I know someone from cleanfax chat is looking too. Thanks Dan
  12. Classicboss

    Invoices Via Email?

    I was wondering how many carpet cleaners sends their invoices through email to their clients. I have a hand full of clients that like it sent through email, but when I ask other clients they don't feel they would like email invoices. Just curious what your take on this is and how do you...
  13. Classicboss

    Hide a Hose cuffs...

    I am curious who uses hide a hose cuffs to keep their water pressure hose inside the vac hoses, :AddEmoticons04259:I've been thinking on putting my solution lines in the vac hoses for the purpose of keeping them warm in the winter, one hose to worry about stringing out, and if a solution line...
  14. Classicboss

    mold on polyester

    mold on polyester outdoor furniture cushions? Can it be cleaned to remove the mold in the fabric? or should they be thrown out? What would you use to remove the black spots that are very tiny in the material.
  15. Classicboss


    Does anyone know how the Mighty tile and grout spinner works? is it a good one? I have checked out DG and everyone there seems to like the turbo hybrid or the sx12 but the mighty looks like a good durable unit to me at a much better price... :AddEmoticons04259:so has anyone tried or have the...
  16. Classicboss

    Three day weekend?

    How many of you took three days off this weekend? Man I took three days and it felt good! I don't honestly remember the last time I had three days off... I hope everyone had time to rest this weekend. and Happy Labor Day!
  17. Classicboss

    Boxxer 427 APO not working properly

    OK Long story short.... Incompetent people in NY where I purchased my TM from couldn't find a problem if it bit them in the A**:mad:. I started having problems with the APO not pumping out at full vacuum, but when I idle it down it pumps out fine other than that it blows through the vac and...
  18. Classicboss

    Kawasaki Syndrome?

    Kawasaki syndrome has been kicking around the carpet cleaning industry for years, however, I read the article that Scott W. produced in cleanfax, by the way great write up Scott. My question with all of this is: how many carpet cleaners and their children have been diagnosed with this syndrome...
  19. Classicboss

    All Classes

    I think it would be great to have schedules of classes set up here in TMF's so that everyone and anyone interested in taking classes to obtain their certifications know where and when and how much$$, Interlink supply, Jon- Don, ect. wherever classes are held and also non IICRC classes as well...
  20. Classicboss

    Customer Info center

    Just a question about TMF sections... Is there a place for potential customers who of course are non carpet cleaners can go to find out info in there area as to the company names, addresses, phone #'s ect.ect. of truck mount forum members business's and be able to go to there website...
  21. Classicboss

    Upholstered leather furniture cleaning

    Hey all you TMF people, Hope its real busy out there for you all! My question for today is.... Whats the best leather cleaning kit for all types of leather furniture you can buy, I will be purchasing a new kit and wanted some professional feed back. thanks all, Have a great week.:cool:
  22. Classicboss

    General Upholstery cleaning thread

    Hi Rob and all the Mods here, I see general carpet cleaning and hard surface or tile cleaning, restoration too, how about a upholstery or furniture section :AddEmoticons04259:or do we just post it under general carpet. Just a question I thought I would ask. Maybe I have overlooked it...
  23. Classicboss

    White magic pro 1700

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the white magic pro 1700 was or is a good machine. I have a chance to buy one for little $$ for a back up unit. any or all replies is greatly appreciated.peace
  24. Classicboss

    Quote/Invoice forms

    I am in the process of finding the ultimate quote and invoice forms (paper forms)as I am going to change mine also what is the easiest software out there that does invoicing and database and so forth. I do not want an online company to store my customer database would rather keep them in my...