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  1. mikedavid100

    Mini Pebble Jute / Wool Area Rug

    Looked at an area rug today, it's a 12 x 9 jute wool area rug with browning spots visible. Customer said she had another cleaner clean the rug and it took 4 days to dry. Now there are maybe 2 brown spots on the rug but it does not seem consistent with what the rug would look like if the entire...
  2. mikedavid100

    Help With Upholstery (Chair)

    I cleaned this upholstered chair today with Prochem upholstery pre-spray, I agitated it with a soft white brush attached to a cordless drill and rinsed with all fiber rinse agent. So, I came at it pretty aggressive. Now after force drying the chair with a small blower these stains reappeared...