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  1. Alan Wirth

    Devastator lint filter

    After reading and watching the positive video about the devastator lint filter I decided to order one but their website is terrible. I guess they don't really want to sell them from their website. Does anyone else sell the filter?
  2. Alan Wirth

    Last minute cancellation

    We had a customer call and leave a message at 11:30 on a Saturday night cancelling a Monday morning job. It was actually a $1,000 travertine job which we were able to scramble and move another customer up but it still left us short a job for the week. Do you all take a deposit on large jobs?
  3. Alan Wirth

    Travertine impregnator

    In my area every $1,000,000 home has travertine floors and showers and a lot of those homes have travertine around the pool area. I just pressure washed around the pool in a large house and honed it using 600 grit honing powder and it turned out chaulky so I did a test spot using an impregnator...
  4. Alan Wirth

    Stone restoration

    Does anyone do partial restorations on stone floors as opposed to a total restoration. I have started to listen to what customers want and adapted what I know to what the customer can afford and have found it to be very successful and profitable. Here are a few examples of partial restorations...
  5. Alan Wirth

    What is the make up of your business.

    I'm curious what the percentages are of the various services you offer? Our carpet cleaning makes up about 20% of our business, ceramic tile about 5%, stone restoration 30%, Vct strip and wax, scrub and wax about 40%, and the remaining 5% is wood cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We use to do...