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  1. Alan Wirth

    Shower mold, customer complaint

    Man you did a great job! If legal contacts you the pictures you have are all you need. She obviously has a responseability to do her part to keep her shower clean and free on mold. I love it when people ask me how long a job will stay clean and shiney and I always always always tell them that...
  2. Alan Wirth

    Featured TMF Red Bull swivel wand!!

    Hey Rob, I'm ready to buy a wand please give me a call as I have a few questions. Thanks Alan Wirth Afc Floor Care 813-610-4616
  3. Alan Wirth

    What kind of floor is this and how should I clean it?

    If it turns darker when wet it could be a natural material like cork. Just remember to test a small area like under a sofa or out of plain view.
  4. Alan Wirth

    Client refused cleaning over political view

    I believe this is the greatest country on earth. I believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. If you ask me I will tell you the truth as I know it. No amount of money or business can change my mind. If you hold a gun to my head and tell me to change my mind I will tell you that...
  5. Alan Wirth

    Dollar General

    To do this right you would need to have 2 people per night for 3 or 4 nights at 8 hours per night to strip floors and apply 3 coats of wax. We did an appliance store and start at 7:30 last night and my guys didn't finish till 6:00 in the morning and they stripped about 2,500 sf.
  6. Alan Wirth

    Marble floor maintenance suggestions

    You can strip it off with a good wax stripper and a black pad just like you would strip Vct . The reason they waxed the floor is because the customer wanted a shinny floor so you will need to Diamond hone 200 grit up to about 3500 and 5x polish to a hard shine. I would charge about $1,000 and...
  7. Alan Wirth

    Stonepro Bootcamp SoCal

    I've taken a class from Stu Rosen out of Newark and really enjoyed the class but I would like to take a few more classes because use it really keeps you fired up! Of all the things I do I definately like the stone honing and polishing. It sounds like you are ready to get to work and practice...
  8. Alan Wirth

    Post a funny picture!!!

  9. Alan Wirth

    Blue Thunder Restoration Job

    That is a sweet little 13" machine. What brand is that?
  10. Alan Wirth

    Blue Thunder Restoration Job

    Beautiful work! I know you worked your butt off but it is so rewarding at the end of the job to see the great results! Great job.
  11. Alan Wirth

    All the new machines, I need Help

    Where on the gulf coast do you live? I'm in Tampa and I'm always willing to help out someone new in the business. You may want to call me and spend a day with me on a ride along. I do most everything your interested getting into. Alan Wirth Afc Floor Care 813-610-4616
  12. Alan Wirth

    Devastator lint filter

    I love to do business with innovators like you Rob! I'll wait .... Rob are you like a mad scientist that spends gobs of time down in the basement at the drawing table coming up with new designs and creating new things like Edison?
  13. Alan Wirth

    Devastator lint filter

    After reading and watching the positive video about the devastator lint filter I decided to order one but their website is terrible. I guess they don't really want to sell them from their website. Does anyone else sell the filter?
  14. Alan Wirth

    Driving down goodies to Janitors Closet

    Rob, if I had known that you were going to be in Orlando I would have made the drive over from Tampa to shake your hand. The owner of the Janitors closet is a first class guy! I've known him since we were young when I would go by the Tampa location and buy stuff from his dad and Greg would be...
  15. Alan Wirth

    Can’t seem to figure out What’s going on with this tile here?

    Everyone is right about not using acid on a stone floor because it will leave etch marks. I would use a small stainless steel brush as someone suggested on the grout and the white should come out. If not you can try to match it with sandless grout and cover over it.
  16. Alan Wirth

    Orbital machine and vct care

    I agree. 17" 175 rpm machine use a good chemical stripper, neutralize, good quality wax applied with a flat mop applicator system, scrub and re-wax as needed and strip as needed.
  17. Alan Wirth

    Stone restoration

    Wow, that turned out really nice! How high did you take the honing and what did you polish it with? Nice work!
  18. Alan Wirth

    Need help ID'ing this stone floor

    Hey Rob, That is a really beautiful floor with a really high shine. Not sure but if you really need to know the name of the stone I'd bet that Stu Rosen at mb stone could Id it for you. It looks like it is in great shape, it actually looks like was just restored or very well maintained.
  19. Alan Wirth

    Vct Job

    We will use green only in a few areas like where the chairs roll behind desk or something like that but if we need to do the whole area with a green pad I'd rather strip the floor but that's just one old guys opinion lol.
  20. Alan Wirth

    ProChem Everest HP review 99 hours

    That is a nice machine! The water cooled engine should give years of great service and it's nice to have equipment with so much power you can really offer your customers the best possible results! Congratulations!
  21. Alan Wirth

    Last minute cancellation

    I don't believe this lady will reschedule. It just aggravates the heck out of me when this done and it leaves me without work for my employees. I am usually able to find something for them to do but not always and I guarantee 2 of my men 40 hours per week and 1 is part time.
  22. Alan Wirth

    Last minute cancellation

    We had a customer call and leave a message at 11:30 on a Saturday night cancelling a Monday morning job. It was actually a $1,000 travertine job which we were able to scramble and move another customer up but it still left us short a job for the week. Do you all take a deposit on large jobs?
  23. Alan Wirth

    Vct Job

    I know I'm late to the party on this thread but I just read this and thought I might add to the information already given. Your comments are spot on and we strip new Vct before we wax as well. Insted of stripping the floor every 6 months if the floor is still in Good shape we will scrub the...
  24. Alan Wirth

    Travertine impregnator

    In my area every $1,000,000 home has travertine floors and showers and a lot of those homes have travertine around the pool area. I just pressure washed around the pool in a large house and honed it using 600 grit honing powder and it turned out chaulky so I did a test spot using an impregnator...
  25. Alan Wirth

    If you could turn your non-electric reel into electric in 5 mins would you?

    I would. On the next system I buy in the next 6 months it will have an auto reel on it.