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    looking for a little giant ?

    anyone have a used one for sale that will ship ? or in the Va,Nc area
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    looking for a used little giant heater !

    I know a couple of you guys got them sitting around , please let me know looking for one asap
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    can this be fixed

    it's on the bottom where it connects to the drain cap on a little giant heater?
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    heat ?

    Will I get decent heat using a tankless water heater ( you know the one for camping showers) and using an inline heater, I use my escape to clean carpets for the janitorial accounts i have but want to branch out a little into residential carpet cleaning. As of right now just hooking to hot water...
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    Mini van questions ?

    Anybody ever start off in a mini van ? like real mini not astro size I'm talking caravan size , the more I look at my escape I think it would be a perfect fit. I have taken measurements and if take wheels off it wont even clear the back of the front seats, would be great on gas and hell its...
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    Tankless water heater

    looked through some old post and found this topic , but didn't really get to see any photos, does anybody have any pics, or used this kind or system it sounded really neat to me when trying to do things on a limited budget. pros and cons , picture of setup , if you have used how did you like it...
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    Questions on the mytee escape

    Looking at getting one of these machines with a hot turbo to warm the water a little and if things work out a lg heater later on , but a little confused on some things. I do mostly janitorial work and clean carpets either vlm with my 175 or my advance all cleaner xp, it works but not a true...