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    Used Judson TNT with number for Little Giant heater

    Used Judson TNT with a #4 little giant heater, located in Helena Montana asking $7,000 and that would include shipping my phone number is 406-431-1760 ask for Kevin
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    Judson TNT Water source

    I just put a hundred hours on my new Judson TNT from Sunbelt. Absolutely love it however one thing I don't like is as with other truck mounts that I've had there is a spicket where you can get water out of the water box. Has anybody out there added this to their Judson?
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    Fresh water tank overflowing

    I have 125 gallon freshwater tank that sits over the wheel in my van it is continually overflowing. It has a old style toilet bowl float in it. Does anybody know of a replacement that would be a better way of shutting it off and it's full. Thank you
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    Used Boxxer 427

    I recently had my motor go out on my Boxxer 427 ( at 1950 hrs. ). I replaced it with a 31 HP motor. I am now loooking for a used 427 for parts. I am located in Helena, MT. I anyone can help me I can be reached at 406-431-1760. Kevin