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    If I mod my porty to a 2-inch inlet, do I need a 2-inch wand to match it? Other questions inside (Bottlenecking, etc.)

    So I'm planning on increasing the size of the inlet on a used Ninja Classic that I bought. A couple questions for anyone who's into modding this stuff: 1. Do I need a 2-inch wand to match my 2-inch hose? 2. If 'yes' to question 1, then will I be comprising lift for more CFMs? Or how does that...
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    Upgrading an older 2-stage Ninja Classic... What size vacs can I use?

    Title pretty much says it all. I recently bought a used base model Ninja Classic 200 with dual 2-stage fans. I want to upgrade those fans but I'm not sure if I should stick with Ametek 5.7's. I've heard that a couple 6.6 2-stagers might actually be more power with less power draw from the...