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  1. MikeHawley14

    Mytee why cut corners ?

    Stainless steel screws get plated all the time. The raw material doesn’t matter it’s what the end user needs. They don’t get heat treated those are your Still 303 and 304 stainless steel will be shipped as a Lot in one single box there is no way wrong screws get mixed in. If they did they would...
  2. MikeHawley14

    Mytee why cut corners ?

    Yeah they can go through a hot wash and then zinc plated
  3. MikeHawley14

    Mytee why cut corners ?

    Aren’t fasteners shipped as a die lot one box full of the same plated stainless steel? Something different would stick out when grabbing from a box to fasten something.
  4. MikeHawley14

    Yeah what’s up Scott

    Yeah what’s up Scott
  5. MikeHawley14

    Water stain on carpet left over from flooding.

    RSF Cotton and Linen shampoo will remove browning from a flood. Just removed some on Monday. It disappeared on contact. I rinsed and then encapped and then an air mover. Didn’t need a bonnet or actual browning stain remover.
  6. MikeHawley14

    Goodbye Prochem, forever...

    Prochem can be a biatch sometimes
  7. MikeHawley14

    How to clean dirty restaurant

    I just Rotovac the entire restaurant but your arms will feel empty for awhile
  8. MikeHawley14

    Pure 02 with Citrus vs. Pros Grade Citrus Solv

    I use pros grade Citrus solvent when there’s dark spills organic stains no pets I use Pure 02 when there’s ground in traffic patterns and urine.
  9. MikeHawley14

    Need a name for a new truck mount

    TMF Master of Carpets TMF The New Reign
  10. MikeHawley14

    stain after black tiles with alkaline agent cleaning?

    I would use Groutmaster. It’s the best tile and grout cleaning product hands down. Lots of rinsing and drying then a flat mop. Clean one room at a time don’t let the Groutmaster dry before rinsing. Some alkaline cleaners if not properly rinsed out will leave a residue. It looks like a layer of...
  11. MikeHawley14

    Regarding Rob and his Chemicals

    Spiked with some Pros Grade Citrus rinsed with UFR. Black Label Red Label Groutmaster Love Pure 02 and alkaline Rinse. I probably use everything each week except I need to get some rug smack and have never tried your encap pre sprays but am planning and saving up for the pounder or 20 inch not...
  12. MikeHawley14

    Is “high heat” less important now

    Yes fresh water treated with ultimate fiber rinse after pre conditioning carpets with red label is liquid gold. Wand only 200 degrees at the machine. Economy clean is what we call this one.
  13. MikeHawley14

    Regarding Rob and his Chemicals

    TMF products work fantastic and makes your job 1,000 times easier. It makes buying simple cause you have everything you need 1 brand synergistic less spotting. Less rinsing less mixing no whisking no browning no coughing or tearing up when spraying. Then you have the buy here get free training...
  14. MikeHawley14

    Is “high heat” less important now

    Cleaning with cold water is not fun.
  15. MikeHawley14

    Patching on poly carpet !

    You can cut into the fibers along the row tho
  16. MikeHawley14

    Patching on poly carpet !

    I love my cushion back cutter. You can keep tracing the row before you push down on the carpet.
  17. MikeHawley14

    FREE products!

    TMF chemicals are great. They move you up the scale gradually in steps. Just follow the steps and the mixing guide and it’s a feee and clear right out the door.
  18. MikeHawley14

    Boxer 421 chemical injection

    I do love the 100 gallon master blend tank he’s got on there I just turn on the water when I’m in the last room and by the time I’m done tucking away all the tools it’s full again. I had at least 1 add on carpet repair every day this week I’m worn out bro but it paid to fix the pump. My van is...