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  1. Magnum Clean

    Price shock on quotes

    I’ve had this nagging issue for a while. When some clients want to combine multiple services and have say carpets, tile, a couple showers they don’t like seeing the big price of everything added up and then don’t book. However, these same people would have no problem if it was just the tile or...
  2. Magnum Clean

    Replace vac motor housing?

    By the housing I mean the bottom of the motor where the vac gasket seats on. The housing rusted out on an 8.4. Other than that the motor is good so I hate to scrap it. Is it possible to buy a replacement housing and if so where do you get them?
  3. Magnum Clean

    Confetti stains

    Commercial carpet tiles with pink stains from confetti. Not sure how it bled into the carpet. What would you use? I did a test and tried bridge point solvent gel on a white rag, got almost no transfer. Also tried bridge point avenge pro, no luck.
  4. Magnum Clean

    All purpose spotter

    Hey, what is everybody using? I mean when your pre spray isn't enough I like to carry something on my belt pouch as a first try on mystery stains, before going to more in depth solutions. I was using bridge point all solve, and it was fine but I just ran out. Fels is good but I don't like how it...
  5. Magnum Clean

    Foam- It sprayers

    Has anybody used these? How would they work for acid tile cleaner for shower walls? I tried one of the cheap pump up sprayers from lowes with the foaming tip, but the tip broke the first time I used it! And it didn't make much foam. Just wondering if the foam- it are that much better?
  6. Magnum Clean

    bonesaw vct stripper

    On the website it only shows option for buying 10 5 gallon pails. Can you still get 4x1 gallons in a case? Where do I buy?
  7. Magnum Clean

    Sir Clean Pro

    Taking the time to do it right. When you need a cleaner you can trust call on Sir Clean Pro in Barrie, Ontario. We have the knowledge and state of the art equipment to tackle the toughest carpet, upholstery, and grout cleaning jobs. We service residential and commercial clients. We work as if...
  8. Magnum Clean

    Getting Back Links

    Does anybody know where a person can get good quality, relevant back links for a carpet cleaning website? I want to be able to buy some at a one time fee and keep them permanently. Paying monthly to keep them doesn't sit well with me.
  9. Magnum Clean

    CRB gunk

    I like to agitate my pre spray with the CRB but then I find it time consuming to collect up the hair globs before using the wand. Does anybody have any tricks for this? I'm going to buy the grand reaper brush and try raking it up with that. May also experiment with my renovator trays but I think...
  10. Magnum Clean

    Group texting past clients

    Alright, I've been failing miserably by not working my past customer base to stay "in" with those customers that were so delighted with my service (and have since forgotten who I am) The other day I just got a text from our realtor, it was just a simple group text saying hi, hello, we...
  11. Magnum Clean

    1.5" vac hose connectors

    Does anybody make a quick connect for 1.5"? Seems hydroforce and mytee are only 2 and 2.5"
  12. Magnum Clean

    Might try a VCT job (first time)

    As far as the actual process I have read about it and I think I understand. Just a couple other questions. How long does it take? 1700 sq ft total, 2 bigger rooms and 3 small ones. How much to charge for this job? Its pretty trashed. How many coats of finish do I put on for a good job? It...
  13. Magnum Clean

    Anybody have experience with propane engines?

    seriously considering switching my generator over to LP. The kit is pretty cheap, no more messing with dangerous gasoline fumes, very clean burning. I did some research and it seems that the tank size and the vaporization rate may be an issue, especially in cold weather. The bigger the draw on...
  14. Magnum Clean

    How I test CFM/Lift at the same time (operating lift)

    Hey TMF, I'd like to share how I test CFM and lift with my ETM. Not saying this is perfect, but I think it may provide some new insights on measuring performance. For portables and electric vac motors the specs that are always given are sealed lift (the measure of lift with the restriction on...
  15. Magnum Clean


    I'm really thinking hard about getting one. Whats the best option? Brush pro sure is pricey. Are there any options for solution tanks? The only one I see is the prochem branded one.. apparently it has a poor reputation? As does the Strong with its plastic gears. But now apparently they changed...
  16. Magnum Clean

    How important is heat for T&G?

    Alright, I have the low pressure little giant so I only use it for carpet and use cold water for grout. I've been getting great results but I want to be my absolute best and also increase productivity. Getting very close to ordering the LG 4 2200 psi heater. Is it worth it? Much difference than...
  17. Magnum Clean

    Water clawing pet urine

    I've got a big job coming in two days, rental house with pretty extensive pee damage. Three rooms have select areas where the dog decided was its pissing grounds.. about 60-70 sq ft total. Planning on flooding with OSR and clawing it out of the pad. Couple questions.. Do you have to first...
  18. Magnum Clean

    Building an APO for a portable

    Hey, I want to build and APO for my portable, does anybody have any experience or can point me in the right direction? Or are there any reasonable add on units produced that I can buy and just save the hassle?
  19. Magnum Clean

    First big commercial gig.. equipment advice

    I've been in the biz part time for 2 years now, doing 99% residential. Just priced an apartment hallway job, 7 floors, 10K sq ft. Carpets hav not been extracted in "at least 4 years", (probably means 8) Last year they had a guy come in cheap who tried to encap it with a 175 but they kicked him...
  20. Magnum Clean

    clay tile

    A while ago I asked advice on cleaning this stuff in another thread, got a lot of good info. I didn't end up getting that job but now I have another customer asking about clay tile. This is the photo she sent of the floor. What...
  21. Magnum Clean

    Need new valve for my turbo TH-40

    Its actually just a pressure washer gun, General DG4000S. Anybody know where the best place to get it is? Closed my garage door and walked away, didn't know it hit a tool box and went back up.. open all night in freezing temps.. grrr..
  22. Magnum Clean

    Swivel wands

    Hello all, just wondering what the options are out there for swivel wands. Probably looking for 12" as I do almost all residential. Is a 14 alright for residential given the extra maneuvering a swivel gives you? I know mytee used to make them in 12 and 14 but there is nothing on their site...
  23. Magnum Clean

    Measuring CFM

    I just got my extech AN100 anemometer and could use a little help setting it up. I understand that the standard way people test is by attaching a 4 inch pipe or cone to the end of the vac hose, correct? Is there a specific 4" adapter piece I need, or just any kind of 4" pipe? I have a 4" pvc...
  24. Magnum Clean

    8.4 vac motor model numbers... confused

    I bought my Lamb Ametek 8.4 motors from Cobb's a while back. When I talked to them on the phone they told me the model they sell is the one without the thermal overload protection. It is the 122175-00. They said this is the one to have because sometimes that thermal thing shuts it down when you...
  25. Magnum Clean

    Mexican clay tile

    Got a guy wanting to get some cleaned. Whats the procedure? I know its a delicate stone and you cannot use acid. High alk ok? Is this stuff usually sealed with a topical? If it is I will not do it. Can I seal it with impregnating sealer (solvent base)? I have turbo hybrid. What psi?