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  1. Lars

    Looking for a used Prochem Apex

    I have been trying to keep an eye out for the right used prochem Apex machine... please let me know if you hear of any. Thank You
  2. Lars

    Prochem 650 HP heat exchanger question

    Hi guys I have a Prochem 650 HP Truckmount machine with 7500 hours on it. There a 3 separate units inside the main heating unit. 2 are high pressure stainless steel heat exchangers and 1 low pressure copper exchanger. The maintenance manual says to get in there and clean off debris every...
  3. Lars

    Prochem Code Reader/scan tool?

    I have a Prochem Everest and occasionally get hiccups that will trigger the check engine light on the machine. Sometimes it will even prevent the machine from starting up again or stall out with a loan on it. We usually just count the flashlight light codes it will display and then try to...
  4. Lars

    What are you CA guys using for flea treatment ?

    California banded M7 flea treatment powder and curious to see what you guys are using that works?
  5. Lars

    Anybody paying for CRI seal of approval program?

    I got a email from them saying I can't use or promote the CRI logo on my site unless I pay them a yearly fee to be part of their club... Even though I purchase and use CRI approved cleaning products and equipment every day and help promote their brand and recognition to my customers. Anybody...
  6. Lars

    I want to put a silencer on my Everest 650hp, what's the best configuration?

    Anybody running a silencer on Their machines? What configuration do you suggest? Their is no room inside the unit so need to get creative here. Any help would be appreciated
  7. Lars

    Got a funny customer story to share?

    I was reminded of a funny situation we ran into a while back today... We had a customer call and said her dog left a turd on her carpet and was freaking out. I told her to use our bottle of spotter to help clean it up and we will stop by later that day. (We used to use a aerosol can based...
  8. Lars

    Does Prochem make a "Repair" manual?

    Does anybody know if prochem makes real "repair" manuals? I know the parts and trouble shooting manual is cool and all, but completely useless to guide me on repairing my machine and pretty much forces me to have to use my local prochem distributer.... I am not very mechanically inclined and...
  9. Lars

    Truckmount oil changes

    Curious to see how long you guys are going in between oils changes on your Truckmounts... We run royal purple synthic oil in our machines and change it every 150 hours. The oil is kind of dark, but still full. Never burns up the oil. On my wife's Jetta we lease the dealer says 10,000 miles...
  10. Lars

    JC'S Carpet cleaning & Restoration

    welcome to JC'S Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. We are a family owned and operated cleaning and restoration company located in Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. We also service Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, El Segundo, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes and the south bay community...
  11. Lars

    What's your favorite/ go to deodorizer for carpet & upholstery cleaning

    I still haven't found my favorite deodorizer that i have confidence in. What deodorizers are you guys using and having success with?
  12. Lars

    VCT Matte Finish?

    Hi guys I got a request from a customer who wants to have her new VCT garage floor sealed and protected, but wants a matte finish. What product do you recommend to use? Thank you
  13. Lars

    Anybody subscribing to text message alerts from fire department scanners

    Who is the best service to go with?
  14. Lars

    Anybody using the Square Scrub?

    Have any of you guys used the Square Scrub before? Do you like it?
  15. Lars

    Anybody try the pros choice OSR XG?

    So I ordered pros choice OSR from Jon don and I received the XG version. I like the regular version because it is pretty much odorless. I tried the XG on a job today and it appeared to have a strong fragrance to it. Anybody else like the original version better? My customers out here really...
  16. Lars

    Prochem 405 cat pump stopped working?....

    So this is the original pump on the Truckmount and has 6500 hours on it. The oil is clean and full. The belts are on, in place, and working. The water box is full and water supply is on and clear of debris.... Wires on the switch are connected and tight.... What do you guys think is...
  17. Lars

    Will a white pad on a 175 floor machine remove etching from Travertine stone?

    I have a customer who's cats throw up on the travertine stone floor and have etched the stone. Do you think a white pad on a floor machine will take it off? Do you think it is safe to use it?
  18. Lars

    Hey Guys Check Out My New Truckmount Set Up

    I got the new Prochem Everest 650 HP. It is a great machine, and put it into a 2006 Ford E-350 XLT. I got the van floor sprayed with Line-X 3" high to the pinch weld. Gives the van floor a great moisture barrier and non skid surface. I also installed the soft water conditioning system...