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  1. shumagic

    Browning on curtain

    This curtain was exposed to steam from a coffee machine and over time got these browning lines and marks. I sprayed Brown out and Proxi but didn't help. Any suggestions? [emoji120]
  2. shumagic

    Water Damaged Tiles - any way to fix it?

    Anyone knows how to fix these tiles? These tiles are in a lobby around a water fountain and have turned white, I don't think its efforance, it looks like the factory finish has failed. I have worked on tiles with a similar issue in a shower with no improvement. Someone else has worked on few of...
  3. shumagic

    Removing Fabric Softener

    Need to remove fabric softener from an apartment building hallway. I went to see it today and its very sticky and covers around 20 sqft. any advice? Will rinsing with acid remove the residue. Thanks
  4. shumagic

    Help with new logo

    I have got 4 logos done for my company "Xtreme Green Clean Ltd" and would appreciate your opinions and feed back on choosing one of them. Thank you Sent from my SGH-I317M using TMF Forums mobile app