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  1. Ray Thomas

    Where I've been & How things are going.

    I took a job offer making more money than I have ever made in my entire life. I lost sight of the entrepreneurship dream! Things got comfy and then BAM. No job. I wasn't willing/able to relocate. So I'm back in the game 100%. I can go get a job any day. (and I might have to if this doesn't go...
  2. Ray Thomas

    House Boat Carpet Cleaning

    Landed a job for a house boat. The top deck is exposed to the elements. I have not visited the location yet and am not sure what to expect. I'm about to do some research now and thought you all could help me while I'm using the Google machine. I'm planning on using a 175 to clean this. There is...
  3. Ray Thomas

    Recording Your Business Stats

    What client/job info are you all recording? I am going back and filling in all of my information before I get too far out. So far I have the following categories: contact info including email, phone, name, address and job info including, # of areas/rooms, estimated sq. ft., y/n...
  4. Ray Thomas

    For those requesting more info

    Hi all, I made some calls today and as I am just starting out, I am unprepared! I offered to either come for an estimate or to provide information to them to be considered for next time. In my head I was thinking of basically a one page flyer design as a pdf file and sending it over to...
  5. Ray Thomas

    cold calling

    I have more time than I have money and I'm trying to take extreme levels of action. I have been calling property managers and real estate offices mostly. Mostly, I'm being passed off to someone else. Who is this someone else? I don't think they are decision makers. Not sure. Mostly I'm being...
  6. Ray Thomas

    Petty? Stealing Stan Steam's pictures.

    So I just found where a local guy is using a stan steamrsssss picture as his own. He's kind of a tool anyway and I want to bust him. -am I being petty? - Would "Stan" do anything about it anyway? Honestly, if he's in business or not, it wouldn't effect me... so I probably won't do anything...
  7. Ray Thomas

    How I made a website for under $100

    First of all, for the vets, don't be mad about me saying VLM is my preferred method. Everyone needs to play to their strengths and that is what I'm offering. Expecting heat anyway. (website link in last section at the bottom) In the early stages of starting a business you realize that...
  8. Ray Thomas

    A 100% money back guarantee for your services

    Have you/ Do you do this? Are there ways to protect yourself from obvious abusers? I'd also like to know about your guarantees if they are not 100% money back guarantees. Trying to get my head around this. Thanks -Ray
  9. Ray Thomas

    TMF needs...

    a "buy me coffee" icon for me to offer a small thank you to people that give me solid advice.
  10. Ray Thomas

    Small Business Marketing Specifics

    Good morning TMF! I am having a hard time narrowing on who my target customers should be. I don't want to be ignorant and think that every person ever wants my services in the near future. Nor do I have the funds to do a "shotgun" style marketing strategy I have been reading a lot of books...
  11. Ray Thomas

    Extraction practice on the seat

    I had fun doing it. I know how to do better but I was just fartin around. i.e.: no heat, no agitation.... probably over wet it.... but thought I'd share. before 1 by Ray Thomas posted Jun 29, 2015 at 2:26 PM after 2 by Ray Thomas posted Jun 29, 2015 at 2:26 PM hardly looks any different! ha
  12. Ray Thomas

    Ghost Policy

    Sorry if this has been brought up, I can't find it using the search bar... As a 1 man O/O, If I get workers comp, it will not cover me. So the benefit is that I can tell clients that I am insured (I do of course have general liability insurance). But, being new to business, would this really...
  13. Ray Thomas

    Pop Quiz! 175 machines

    What are all of the types of jobs I can do with a 175 and the correct attachments? And which are most/least profitable? Thanks
  14. Ray Thomas

    I will be one month past my start up date, but...

    Pure Power Clean will be born this July in Greenville, South Carolina! I have an investor that is covering my startup costs who will own 10% of the business and will collect 10% profits quarterly until I buy him out for $6,000.00 at any time. This keeps me from making monthly payments and...
  15. Ray Thomas

    Can't seem to find information on invoice/billing

    On my start up to do list I also need to figure out how to go about invoice/billing. What should I be aware of when setting a system in place? Does anyone have a template or example available that I may use/adjust? Or can someone send me to a thread that has already been made about this...
  16. Ray Thomas

    Your system for those not buying your services today.

    What is your system in place for those that contact you, seem like good leads for the future, but are not making a commitment to buying your service(s)? Business plan in development, Thanks!!
  17. Ray Thomas

    New wrap already vandalized! WTF

    I know that within a 3 hour period this evening that someone keyed my NEW vehicle wrap!:mad: I live in government housing at a ghetto apartment and the people upstairs and I get in altercations quite frequently because they are loud as hell!!! The complex won't do anything about it. in fact...
  18. Ray Thomas

    Need info on carpet warranties -VLM

    So if you've been keeping up with my posts, I am going the vlm bonnet cleaning route to start my business with. (then acquire hwe equipment to offer both) But I need some advice on addressing carpet warranty conflicts with my customers. Do all carpets have warranties that I need to bring up to...
  19. Ray Thomas

    Big week!

    Just bought some solid used equipment at an unbelievably optimistic price! -- A huge step in launching my business. Got my work vehicle partially wrapped and I am super happy with it. Got the final design for my website and am launching that later this week. Had a successful baby sower with a...
  20. Ray Thomas

    what to look for when buying used 175 machine

    Hi everyone, I'm about to go look at a couple of 175 machines and they are used. one is in pretty beat up cosmetic condition. What should I look for when making a buying decision? I have never owned a 175 machine so I am completely unfamiliar. Thanks a ton! -Ray
  21. Ray Thomas

    I am in an awkward position - Help!

    I have a Tahoe with a company name and Website emphasized all over it. I have a work # I have a website launching this week. I do NOT have the equipment necessary to complete any jobs yet. What should I do with my leads? How should I handle e-mails/phone calls? Curious as to why I am in this...
  22. Ray Thomas

    Van Wraps Got my work vehicle half wrapped!

    Parts of it are hard to see in the picture. I am super excited because this is my company coming to life! If I had more time/money I would have liked to do something more substantial, but I'm happy to start off with this. Just wanted to share! :) Thanks for all the encouragement!
  23. Ray Thomas

    TMF Store Review

    I completely goofed and bought the wrong item on the online store. Ed Camacho caught my error and immediately refunded my purchase without any hassle. I'm very grateful! Can't wait for my ride along dvd and will continue to shop later today since I have a Christmas budget :) As far as customer...
  24. Ray Thomas

    dyson dc14 help I got ripped off

    I bought a dyson for $100 this morning. it was disgusting. I cleaned it, replaced the bar brush, and the filters. I was vacuuming along and was incredibly pleased with it when suddenly it cut off while in the upright position. I tripped no breakers, and of course it is plugged in :P am I missing...