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    Have a drimaster that catches the loops on the forward stroke only, and only on the left (right side in pic). I can't feel or see any burs, so I can't work out why it's doing it. Any ideas?
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    How much solution do you use?

    I have a boxxer 318. Have been using for many years but it's got me wondering lately how do I know if I'm using the right amount? How much do you go through on say a average 3 bedroom home? (Something that might take 2 hours to clean empty). I would use up to 3 gallons on a job like this. Thanks
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    Jute tape

    When doing repairs to carpet, usually at naplock bars, I like to use a bit of latex and some Hessian tape to reinforce this area. Was about 2 inches wide. Thin and light. Only stuff I can find seems to be a very heavy grade like for taking weight. Anyone know where I can look for the thin light...
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    Carpet dyeing Chris Howell Americolor

    Anyone give some tips or resorses online I can get to for this? Also I'm going to be in so-cal next month and be keen to tag along on a colour repair for a bit of training if possible. I keep missing the colour training Everytime I go to USA. I have the kit just need some know how.
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    Hoses and rest homes etc

    How do you TM guys handle rest homes and commercial jobs with your hoses? We just have an extra guy Manning the hoses in rest homes. And don't even bother with after hours commercial jobs in town. Is this what you do too?
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    Buena park cleaning shop

    Hi guys. Anyone know of a carpet cleaning supply store in the Buena park area or close by please? I want to have a quick look around before I fly back to NZ Monday night. Thanks guys. Sent from my SM-G935F using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Organic cleaners

    Hi everyone, hope I have this in the right section. I have a commercial customer who makes certified organic makeup. The managed just recently changed and said to keep their certification even the cleaning chemicals have to be organic. Sure, not too much of a problem with basic carpet cleaning...
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    Mega Stain

    Had this huge stain on a WOOL carpet last week (About 3 - 4 sq ft), and was wondering what everyone would use to get rid of it. After 2 visits, I think I got it looking pretty good, and I think if I was given the chance to do a 3rd visit it would be gone completely. I will post those pictures...