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  1. russrroberts

    Free Rc99 filter for Atlanta member

    I recently upgraded to the Sapphire CDV filter and if anyone wants my Rc99 PM me I live in Marietta and am happy to give it away. Still works fine just wanted all my stuff to match. It's plumbed for 2" ports.
  2. russrroberts

    Water Softener VS Water Ionizer??

    So I'll be moving to an area with hard water at the end of next month, and was just wondering if I should get a water softener or an ionizer? told me to just get an ionizer and never worry about recharging it and was curious if anyone had any experience with the ionizer they recoomend...
  3. russrroberts

    Carpet Brush for a 175

    Which brush do you recommend for carpet and is it safe to use on wool rugs as well? I know there are a lot of options out there by 5 million different companies just wondering if there is a specific brush that you like better?
  4. russrroberts

    Advise on lettering

    So getting van lettered finally and need some criticism to help me out, let me know the truth don't hold Back.
  5. russrroberts

    Kroger/Frys Store

    Got a call this afternoon about having an ad on their shopping carts, I'd be the only cleaning ad and it's a year long campaign for $240, one time fee. Anyone ever done anything like this? The guy that called said I'd be exposed to 25,000 people yadda yadda yadda..... Any input would be greatly...
  6. russrroberts

    Alexandria, VA Cleaners

    I clean an Atlanta rental property for a lady that lives up in Alexandria and she gets her carpets cleaned twice a year by Stanley Steamer, her zip code is 22308. I told her I'd try to find her a better cleaner, and she is very easy to work with. Let me know if you're interested.
  7. russrroberts

    Anyone near Atlanta need 2.5" Vacuum Hose?

    If you live near Atlanta and are in need of some 2.5" Vacuum hose, I have 50' Brand New still in the box that I need to get out of my garage. PM me if you are interested in it.
  8. russrroberts

    Sapphire 370 users

    I know there are a decent amount of us out there, is anyone using a rotary? If so, which one? Has anyone tried to use a rotary and heat exchanger couldn't keep up? I'm currently wondering if I should keep breaking my back, or make the investment.
  9. russrroberts

    Backup Camera

    Has anyone recently added a backup camera to their van? I have been wanting to add that along with a new stereo to my van. Just wondering if you guys knew of any brands I should stay away from? What brands I might want to go with? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  10. russrroberts

    Need help with jet sizes for 370SS

    I have a Sapphire 370SS and a 1.5" Evolution wand with 2 jets. Solution pump is a General HTXS1813S with an electric clutch operating up to 1500 psi and up to 3.57 GPM at 1478 RPM. I am just curious about how to calculate the flow that I will need. I generally clean at 425PSI and any help is...
  11. russrroberts

    Mytee Injection Sprayer Holder

    Has anyone had any experience with one of these? If so, how do you like it? Would you recommend me getting one or spending $120 on a stainless steel one at JD? Does anyone have any creative ways of keeping their injection sprayers safe aside from keeping them on a chemical shelf? Currently my...