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  1. Bill Whatcott

    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other

    I found a natural wool rug 11 X 7 feet that was absolutely filthy with a "Free" sign on it about 3 months ago while walking in my neighbourhood. Being a professional carpet cleaner the filthiness of the wool rug did not intimidate me at all and indeed I thought the clean would be a challenge and...
  2. Bill Whatcott

    Used my Rotovac 360i for first big job & got big headache

    Hi There, Wondering if anyone else experienced this? For years I used an Esteem Warrior with a 200 psi pump and a wand. I always got my jobs done, carpets clean, no damage, etc.... But being a lurker on TMF forums and sometimes offering my opinion here if I think I have something worth saying...
  3. Bill Whatcott

    Would you recommend purchasing a Rotovac 360i?

    Hello There, I have been out of the carpet cleaning business for a while now, but am looking at getting back in it again. I think I will be purchasing either a Ninja Classic or an Esteam Warrior carpet extractor (I liked them both and I think they are made by the same company) with a 500 psi...