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  1. Dan The Carpet Man

    EFI Prochem Everest heat exchangers. Need information thank you

    I’m on my second replacement of the copper HX. Unfortunately for me, I wated to test the waters and see if the copper HX will do the trick, so I replaced all 3 busted HX for copper HX. The HX closer to the exhaust cracked. So I replaced it with copper again. It cracked within a month. I...
  2. Dan The Carpet Man

    i need help 2006 prochem everst is not heating up the water

    Hello, good morning everybody. I must say, the last time I had an issue with my tm you guys were awesome. I have a 06 prochem everst and is not heating up the water. I have no idea of what's going on. The water is not heating up properly. It's been super slow for me this couple of weeks. The...
  3. Dan The Carpet Man

    my prochem everest shuts down in about 20 mins of normal cleaning. help please!!

    My prochem everest is about 6 years new. Never brockdown on me until last week. I had about 20 mins in when it shut off. I did a engine oil change and a de scale. Next day I finish a job in about an hour with out a problem. Same day I use machine in two other jobs for about 45 mins each with...