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    Water Extraction Pricing Help Needed

    I posted it in another section but here's the link
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    Water Extraction in Apartments Parking Garage (Basement) Need Help With Price

    So I got a call to extract water out because someone broke sprinkler system. Parking lot is a basement type, only drain is at the entrance and water was spread around all over. I'm not sure on how to charge for the extraction. I showed up 3 times to finish it all. It's only me and a truckmount...
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    Carpet and upholstery estimate help

    How much would you guys charge for this? Just trying to get and idea for an estimate I need to give in a couple of hours 7 areas of carpet with dog urine throughout 2 sets of stairs heavily soiled 1 large sectional 1 medium sectional 3 loveseats 2 chairs with 2 ottomans Thanks for the help.
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    is this cleanable?

    The tile at my house. Wanting to try out the tools I bought but I know very little about tile and grout cleaning. Grout used to be way lighter than this.
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    anyone hiring in the Houston area??

    Might be looking for work soon. I own my equipment.