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  1. U. S. Vet.

    PMF TITANIUM • 5 x 9502 jets

    Selling this wand • don’t know a thing about it • 5 new 9502 ‘s make an offer • please
  2. U. S. Vet.

    Need some help here • • • don’t ever use wands $ $ $

    If you know what this is worth ? ? ? • • • if you want to buy it • let me know • thanks ! ( 9502 x 5 brand spanking new nozz’s • never ever, ever used )
  3. U. S. Vet.

    What do you know about these wands ?

    Just installed new SS 9502 x 5. Never used it • • • never will • unless 3 RDM’s and 3 RX-20’s break down - lol. I’d still like to know anything interesting, if any about this wand • thanks !
  4. U. S. Vet.

    New plumbing for the TM

    just plumbed this for xtra convenience • • it needs a custom bracket fabricated • • pics to come • • • wooooo - hooooo • • half way there
  5. U. S. Vet.

    Graphic Artist Wanted

    If you know a graphic artist to help me get my logo vectorized, etc. ? Help ! ! !
  6. U. S. Vet.

    Weekend Project ( 1.5 hrs w coffee breaks )

    No more pissing water on my aaahhhhh • • • crotch, every time I forget to turn the knob OFF ! ! !
  7. U. S. Vet.

    CRB pops clients breaker repeatedly

    In an important clients house ( more important than most clients, I should say ), and my CRB starts popping the client’s breaker • • any circuit. Back to the shop for the back-up and • • one of the belts needs replacing • • aaahhhhh ! ! ! All good • carpets look great • yea !
  8. U. S. Vet.

    Bait & Switch

    What would you think if every time you looked for a doctor’s clinic or dentist on line, you kept seeing pleas to not expect bait and switch tactics? For heaven’s sake • • • Assume your customer doesn’t want a scam artist in the house and STOP advertising this crap thinking it SOMEHOW brings...
  9. U. S. Vet.

    Furniture Store cleaning nightmare ! !

    I’m cleaning carpets tomorrow, in a 9K sf ( jam packed ), furniture store. I figured its gong to take 6-8 hrs.
  10. U. S. Vet.

    what do you REALLY BELIEVE ? ? ?

    I’m truly puzzled by this HONEST QUESTION : do you Honestly Want Your Next Government to be Communist / Globalist ? ? ? Whenever opportunity lends itself to a conversational ( vs. burn It down ), to discuss this question w someone opposed to Pres. Trump. I hear ideologies ( almost without...
  11. U. S. Vet.

    Visit a communist country, talk to those people.

    Americans have almost no real perspective when it comes to “socialism“. We envision rainbows and uni’s (and the gigantic money tree - China - (U S. barrows .75 / one dollar), for “social” programs. Why are U. S. comi states and all comi countries flat broke and in need of bailouts (disguised in...
  12. U. S. Vet.

    IICRC SMT 3day corse.

    Just took the 3 day class. Highly recommended !!! Print the PDF & study like the beggibies. Test to come - fingers crossed. Beginners ( that’s me), will be confused and left behind if you don't study. Primer questions will seem confusing if unprepared. Once things sunk in a little, the flow of...
  13. U. S. Vet.

    Argumentative points offered without explanation, is • • • pointless!

    Most of us enjoy seeing a quip once in a while during exchanges - but what turns humorous quips into pointless embarrassment is when a derogatory idea or statement becomes indefensible. Even if you are correct, (especially if you think u r right), you should explain when asked.
  14. U. S. Vet.

    My two most valuable tools:

    # 1. CRB # 2. CRB # 3. CRB ( I know I said 2 but, • • • ) I would quit tomorrow if crb’s disappeared. I found two host machines in a thrift store - $25 each, in excellent shape. Never used one before but had been looking for a while. I felt like a fool for not having gotten one years ago...
  15. U. S. Vet.

    3 biggest money makers in the van / Average $$$ per application

    Curiousity gets the better of us. Please list in order of 1. being the biggest $$$ maker / then the avrg. $$$ per application ( be accurate please - no BS ). I’ll not weigh in now so as not to influence respondents. EXAMPLE : 1. Product or service xyz / $85 2. Product or service xyz /...
  16. U. S. Vet.

    Just bought a used HydraMaster waterpond yesterday.

    Just bought a Used Waterpond (elec. vac. reel w both fresh and solution - live reels). The guy I bought it from is bringing it to my shop. It’s going to get stripped and repainted before installation.
  17. U. S. Vet.

    RDM Wanted ( Rotary DryMaster )

    RDM ( Hydramaster Rotary DryMaster ), wanted. Staying away from undesirable equipment ( please understand ).