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  1. longkenn

    I am in the wrong business!!!

    This "Art" sold for $120,000 dollars! Actually, there were two similar pieces of "Art" that sold for this price. The third piece of art was unable to be sold as another artist removed said "Artwork" and ate it. I think it proves P.T. Barnum correct when he said that there was a sucker born every...
  2. longkenn

    If you don't have dye, use tea!

    I was called about a sisal rug that the customer thought had drywall dust on it. It had been cleaned by another company but looked worse after they cleaned it. I attempted to clean the rug in the poorly lit room it was in. The light area remained and looked like drywall dust that had possibly...
  3. longkenn

    Scammer busted!

    Out of the 60,000 or so residential addresses in my city, a scammer contacted me about cleaning a home that belongs to a friend of mine. What are the chances of that happening?? I hope that with luck like that he didn't buy a lottery ticket today! LOL
  4. longkenn

    I found a new use for my truckmount

    My kitchen sink was clogged. I worked on it all night last night. Came home at about 1:00 today to work on it. I tried some Thrift on the clog. I have never had it fail to unclog a drain until it met its match with this clog. So, Thrift didnt work...what to do? What would any self-respecting...
  5. longkenn

    What causes the dark spots on concrete after pressure wash?

    Pressure washed this driveway and now has darker spots. Looks like the top surface has eroded. Any suggestions as to what happened, how to explain to customer and any possible fix?
  6. longkenn

    Prevented a wild goose chase!

    Lady called me to schedule a carpet cleaning. She hinted at the fact that she might call me the day of and cancel or reschedule. Then she didn't want to give the apartment number until I was at the apartment complex the day of. LOL I said, "No, I need the COMPLETE address to do a ticket on it."...
  7. longkenn

    Cimex Users, Advice please.

    I am going to use a Cimex on 41K sq feet of pretty well abused carpet. It has been a while since it was last cleaned. I am planning on using Encapuclean O2. Any suggestions for using this machine since I have never run one before. I have done some encapping using a 175 with pretty good results...
  8. longkenn

    Why most businesses fail!

    Most business start ups fail within 5 years. There are several reasons. 1. Lack of capital - Many start ups can not handle the stress of lack of funding. They have the funds to start but not continue operations. 2. Lack of planning - Many start ups do not have a business plan. They start a...
  9. longkenn

    What would you bid on this vct job?

    School contacted me and they want a bid on about 9600 sq. ft. of vct. They want top scrub and two coats of NCL One applied. They will be supplying all supplies and I will supply tools and labor. What would you be bidding?
  10. longkenn

    Any Hope For This Laminate Floor? Suggestions...

    The pictures are of a laminate floor. It had carpet tiles glued down and then ripped up. Some of the finish is missing and it has glue left from the carpet squares. Has anyone had any success at restoring or would it be easier and more cost effective to just rip it out and replace which is the...
  11. longkenn

    Algae on patio umbrella, best way to clean??

    Suggestions for cleaning? How hard will it be what would you clean it with?
  12. longkenn

    Anyone else having problems uploading pics to TMF?

    Or is it just me and my puter??
  13. longkenn

    Queensboro! Absolutely the best customer service experience!

    Thank you, your info has been sent! noKaitlin That's okay! I can edit the discount on the current order! 7 mins Kaitlin Would you like to do that? 7 mins OH, thank you. That would be great! 7 mins Kaitlin You got it! Which promotion were you interested in? 7 mins The $100 dollar embroidered...
  14. longkenn

    Going rate for fabric covered office cubicle?

    I have to submit a bid for cleaning office cubicles. Does anyone do this on a regular basis that could offer some ideas on how to price it?
  15. longkenn

    My website is down. Please see if you can reach it.

    Please go to and see if you can access my site. Post a note letting me know what you get. Host thinks it is an IP issue. I don't. Thanks!
  16. longkenn

    I want whoever cleans my marble to understand that heat will damage it!

    Got a call from a potential customer. She wanted to get a quote on cleaning about 40 sq. ft. of marble. Mostly worried about the grout lines. But she said first I want to find out if you know what you are doing. "What is your process." I explained our process of using a cleaning agent...
  17. longkenn

    East Coast Gasoline Shortage Due To Pipeline Rupture! 9-16-2016

    If you are on the east coast of the U.S. then you might want to fill up your fuel tanks with gasoline. There was a major pipeline rupture in Alabama that is affecting delivery of gasoline to the east coast of the U.S. Officials are expecting it to take at least a week to do the repairs. Make...
  18. longkenn

    Was going to take tomorrow (Labor Day) off BUT..........

    Last month was a little slow, but I thought I would take tomorrow off and rest. Then the phone rang. Lady had a flood, gotta put her house back together tomorrow, then customer called needing T&G job done so I am doing it after the other job and now one of the property managers calls and has to...
  19. longkenn

    What brand of TM is this?

    I know I have seen these before, but I can't remember the brand. Anyone recognize it?
  20. longkenn

    Cleaned oil based paint from cgd carpet

    I cleaned a mess up today! Got a call to a college that I do a lot of work for. The maintenance man had some students helping him and one of them spilled some paint in the carpet. Well, he called me. It just so happened that I was already on the campus doing some other work. My helper and I...
  21. longkenn

    How many of you have a great helper?

    My helper has been with me since about November of 2015. As some of you might already know, I fell and cracked my skull. Fortunately there was not much between the ears in terms of gray matter so the stuff that leaked out really didn't make much difference :eek:, however, I has left me with...
  22. longkenn

    Safety first. Always!

    Here is what happens when you don't take that extra few seconds to do something the right way and try to save a few steps. I tried jumping off of a retaining wall to save myself from having to walk the extra 50 ft to hook up hoses. I ended up with a fractured skull and have been in the hospital...
  23. longkenn

    I didn't know Rob Allen had a Charlotte location

    I found this in the Charlotte Craigslist ads. LOL I didn't know Rob was running all over the country stealing our biz. What is the world coming to???? :eek:
  24. longkenn

    Need a carpet cleaner in Glendale, Wisconsin (emergency)

    If there is anyone in or near Glendale I need to get in touch with you. There is a customer in Glendale that had someone soak her carpet and now her carpet stinks. Can someone reputable please call me,. (336) 995-8314.
  25. longkenn

    Need a Hypro 2340B-P Pressure Pump

    Does anyone have one.? If so, let me know. Mine is mixing water and oil. Not a good thing.